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The best ereader?

The classic question. If you want to get straight to the point, we recommend the following:

If you want a little more information, in this article about the best eReaders We will give you more alternatives and tricks to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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If you want to be up to date, these are the latest news we have published these are the latest news from the brands on the market and the world of digital publishing and reading in electronic format.

We test and we analyze each e-reader thoroughly, for weeks, to tell you what the real experience of using each of the devices is like.

Our strong point is that we have tested so many that we can compare them and tell you the strengths and weaknesses of each one compared to its competition.

All about Amazon and your Kindle

It is indisputable that Kindle are today the devices most used by readers. So we leave you this Kindle special, with many tutorials and tricks so that you can get the most out of your Amazon ebook.

If you are looking to buy an ereader the information that follows along with the ereaders comparison it will help you

Recommended Devices

If we talk about value for money, we still recommend the Kindle Paperwhite as the best ereader:

If you want to review the most interesting models on the market right now, look at the ones we suggest:

What is important in an ereader / ebook

Years go by and ereaders are increasingly consolidated and developed devices. The characteristics that years ago we evaluated to decide which e-reader to buy have changed. So today lighting is almost an obligation, while a few years ago we did not imagine that it could be.

So, what should we look for in 2019 if we want to buy or choose an ereader?

As in everything, we must keep in mind the purpose we want to give it.

Screen size and resolution

The screen size of classic ereaders has always been 6 ″ and most current models continue with that size. But there is a lot of new big ereaders, with 8 and 10 ″ screens.

A 6 ″ ereader is more manageable and easier to transport. it weighs less when we hold it. But a 10 ″ one if we don't transport it gives us a very pleasant experience.

As for the resolution right now the most advanced readers work with 300 dpi (pixels per inch) and other more basic ones with 166 dpi. In this case the more the better because we will obtain a better definition

Lighting design

10 inch ereader with light

It is the latest feature or functionality that has been added to e-readrers. It can make a difference in your purchase. Poor lighting will create shadows and give you a poor reading experience.

The ereaders with light are here to stay, well they came a long time ago, but now any basic ebook already incorporates it. The big brands have set it by default and the small ones to compete have had no choice but to also include it in all their models.

Lighting is one of the things that make ereader battery life short.


ereader with apps

At the operating system level, they are distinguished into 2 groups, those that have their own software and those that are using Android, which is one of the latest developments that many brands are joining.

Until now each ereader worked with its own software, the Kindle and Kobo quite polished and friendly and very fluent. But for some time and especially in lesser-known brands they have started using Android that allows them (if they run it well) to catch up with the big brands in this regard.

The advantages of Android in an ereader are several:

We can install a large number of applications that increase the functions and possibilities of our reader. Reading and Read it later applications such as Getpocket, Instapaper, etc. We can even install the Kindle and Kobo apps and access our accounts on these platforms.

What we have to be careful with is fluency. Andorid in ereader with little power, they go to jerks and it creates an unpleasant experience for us.

But the future of many brands is going to be with Android to be able to compete with the big ones.


The main Brands when we talk about ereaders, the ones that stand out for their quality and ecosystem are Amazon Kindle y Kobo by Rakuten.

Then there are many more Nook, Tagus, Tolino, BQ, Sony, Likebook, Onyx. We have special sections for each of them and we want you to discover what each of them can offer you.