eReader with pen

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. eReader models with pen They can offer you many advantages, such as being able to take notes or underline as you would in a conventional book, which is practical for studying or for highlighting details for your readers. Additionally, if they have drawing apps, such as those based on Android, they will also allow you to draw and do many other things to fully develop your creativity.

The best eReader models with pen

Among the best e-book readers with a pen, we recommend these models, which are the ones that stand out the most:

Kindle Scribe

We also have the Kindle Scribe, an eReader with a front light that allows adjustment (in warmth and brightness) to offer the same naturalness as reading on paper thanks to its 10.2″ e-Ink screen and 300 dpi. It also includes a pencil to write as well, it is rich in features, it has USB-C, it has up to 32 GB of internal storage, and a great autonomy to last for weeks.

Kobo Ellipsa 2E

Next on the list of eReaders with light that we recommend is the Kobo Elipsa 2E. It is a device that is ideal for reading wherever you want, underwater or in the dark. Its screen is 10.3 inches e-Ink type with ConfortLight Pro technology (brightness and anti-glare adjustment) and high resolution. In addition, it has great autonomy, WiFi technology, touch interface and 32 GB of internal storage.

Bigme B751C

The next model is less known, but no less interesting. It is the Bigme brand, with this B751C with a 7-inch color e-Ink screen, touch screen, with a powerful processor, 4GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, and Android 11 as the operating system, with everything that that means, since you will have a large number of apps available.

BOOX Tablet Note Air3

On the other hand, we also recommend the BOOX Tablet Note Air3, which as its name indicates, is not only an e-reader, it is also a complete tablet, so you will have two in one. It includes Android 12 operating system, 10.3-inch monochrome ePapel screen with 227 dpi resolution, G-Senser, WiFi connectivity, and 64 GB of internal storage.

BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro

The next recommended one is the BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro, one of the most powerful models from this firm, and which has a 10.3-inch high-resolution e-Paper, touch and color screen. It also includes Android 12 operating system, G-Senser to reduce fatigue, 16 MP camera, and an internal storage capacity of 128 GB.

BOOX Tab Mini C

There is also the Tab Mini C model, somewhat cheaper and more compact than the previous one. In this case we have common features with the previous one, such as the color ePaper touch screen and G-Sensor, although in this case, the panel is only 7.8 inches, which reduces consumption, weight and makes it more portable. On the other hand, Android comes in version 11 in this case, and with 64 GB of internal storage.


Finally, if you are looking for something very powerful, you also have the option of the BOOX Tab X, with a 13.3″ inch screen, so you can read like on an A4. It is a color ePaper type, with G-Sensor, USB OTG, WiFi, Bluetooth, Android 11, front light, 128 GB of internal storage, and an autonomy of up to 2 weeks.

What can I do with the pencil?

E-readers, or electronic readers, have revolutionized the way we read, little by little they become more like the experience of reading in a real paper book. Some models have begun to include an electronic pen, opening up new possibilities for users. For example, with them you can:

Annotations and underlining

One of the most common uses of the pen in e-readers is to make annotations and underline text. This is especially useful if you are reading a textbook or a work document where you need to take notes, or for studying, thus highlighting what is most important. It can even be a good way to correct problems or errors in draft text.

Draw and sketch

Some e-readers with a pen allow you to draw and sketch directly on the screen. This can be useful for artists who want to practice their drawing skills or for those who simply want to doodle while reading. Devices with the Android operating system have Google Play with countless apps with which you can draw and make your creations.


The stylus can also be useful for navigating the e-reader. You can use it to scroll through pages, select menu items, and open books and documents.


Some e-readers allow handwriting with a pencil, for example, you can use them as a notebook or notebook in which you can take notes or notes as if you were doing it on real paper, without having to use an on-screen keyboard or anything else. the style.

How to choose an eReader model with a pen

ereader with pencil

For choose a good eReader with pen, it is similar to doing it with any other type of electronic book, only some considerations will have to be taken regarding this extra accessory:


One of the things you have to look at when choosing this type of device is the type of pen they include. Some of the pencils can be simple pointers, others can have pressure or tilt sensitivity, which is better for creativity and drawing tasks. In addition, you should always look for it to be ergonomic, with a firm, comfortable grip, for long periods of writing.

The screen

La screen is a crucial element in choosing an eReader with light, since it is the means by which you interact with the device:

  • Panel type: It is advisable to opt for a lighted eReader that has an e-Ink screen, also known as e-paper or electronic ink. These panels are not only more energy efficient, but also provide a paper-like reading experience, minimizing eye strain and discomfort compared to conventional displays. In addition, these panels can be touch-sensitive, which makes them easier to operate like other mobile devices.
  • Decision- It is essential that the e-Ink display has a high resolution to ensure a clear, high-quality image. Therefore, I advise you to always opt for models that offer a pixel density of 300 ppi, regardless of the screen size.
  • Size– This depends on personal preference, as some prefer more compact 6-8″ eReaders, while others prefer larger 10-12″ screens. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, smaller models are more portable and consume less power, but offer a smaller reading space. Larger models may be ideal for those with vision problems or who want a larger viewing area, although they are less portable.
  • Color vs. B/W: There are black and white or grayscale e-Ink screens, which are the most common. However, they are also available in color. Although they may consume a little more power, they allow you to view content in color, with a greater variety of tones.


La autonomy is another important factor to consider when choosing an eReader with light. This is especially relevant if you plan to have the light on for long periods of time at full intensity, as this will drain the battery more quickly. Therefore, you should look for models that last as long as possible, such as those that offer up to 4 weeks of autonomy or even more.

Other aspects to consider

Of course, We must not forget other technical aspects which are also important when choosing the right lighted eReader model:

  • Audiobook and Bluetooth support: If you also want to enjoy narrated stories, you should look for eReaders that support audiobooks. This will allow you to enjoy content while driving, cleaning, cooking, working, exercising, or simply relaxing, without having to read. This is also ideal for people with vision problems or for children who do not yet know how to read their own stories or fables. Additionally, if the eReader supports audiobooks, look for it to also have Bluetooth, so you can connect the eReader to wireless speakers or headphones.
  • Processor and RAM: You must identify if the model has adequate performance and fluidity. This is generally not a problem as they are quite optimized. But there could be some unknown brand or low-quality model that has a low-performance processor and very little RAM. You should always choose models with at least 4 processing cores and 2 GB of RAM or more.
  • Operating System: The operating system is not that important, most eReader models with light work well with either embedded Linux or Android. However, Android models offer greater versatility by allowing the installation of other applications.
  • Storage- will determine how many titles you can save on your eReader. Models range from 8 GB to 128 GB, which will allow you to store thousands of titles for offline reading. Some models even offer the option of cloud storage if the internal memory becomes full, or the ability to expand it with microSD memory cards.
  • WiFi connectivity- A modern eReader must have WiFi connectivity. This will allow you to be connected to the Internet to purchase and download your favorite books, as well as perform other actions, such as syncing with the cloud.
  • Integrated: It is important that the eReader is ergonomic, compact and lightweight. This will allow you to hold it for hours without feeling discomfort or fatigue, and will also make it easier to transport.
  • Library and formats- The variety of content a lighted eReader can play depends on its library and the formats it supports. Always look for eReaders with the largest possible book libraries, such as Amazon Kindle and Kobo Store, which have over 1.5 and 0.7 million books respectively. Plus, the more file formats it supports, the better it will be for adding books from other sources.
  • Water resistance- Some models are IPX7 certified, allowing them to be briefly submerged in shallow water without damage. Others have IPX8 protection, which allows you to submerge the eReader deeper and longer without damage. These certifications will allow you to use your eReader in the bathtub, pool, etc., without fear of damage.


Finally, prices for lighted eReaders can vary considerably, from just over 100 euros up to more than 400 euros, depending on the specifications of each model.

Best brands of eReaders with pen

Between The best brands of eReaders with light, the following stand out:


Kindle is the model of Amazon eReaders. It is among the best sellers, and with the best reputation. This device has everything you'd expect from a good e-book reader, along with the great Kindle library and Kindle Unlimited service.

This brand also has a good value for money, with devices designed by Amazon itself and made in Taiwan.


Kobo was acquired by the Japanese Rakuten. However, this brand is still headquartered in Canada. From there they design these devices that are the best alternative to the Kindle, and also one of the best sellers of all due to their similarities.

Of course, Kobo designs its devices in Canada, and then they are manufactured by major factories in Taiwan, so they also have reliability, durability and quality.


BOOX is also among the best-known eReaders, from Onyx. These devices stand out mainly for their versatility and richness in functions, since they are usually larger than other competing devices because they are almost a hybrid between an Android tablet and an e-Reader, or without the almost...

Of course, this brand designs its devices from China. But that doesn't make them worse, they are characterized by having good quality and constant innovation, in addition to the number of models offered to satisfy all needs.

Where to buy eReaders with light

Lastly, at the time of buy an eReader with light at a good price, you can take a look at some prominent points of sale such as:

  • Amazon: one of the best-known platforms of American origin where you can buy safely, with all purchase and return guarantees. In addition, you will find offers and many models to choose from. Of course, if you are a Prime customer you will also get exclusive benefits.
  • PCComponentes: It has become another of the most important sales platforms in Spain, with great service, good prices, and where you will find some models, although not as many as on Amazon itself.