eReader with Android

eReader models are generally based on Linux for the most part. However, there are some Android eReader models, another system also based on Linux, but which usually offers greater versatility thanks to Google Play to install a multitude of apps, combining the best of an Android tablet and an electronic book reader. So, if you are interested in one, you should know this…

Best Android eReaders

Facebook e-Reader P78 Pro

The Meebook E-Reader P78 Pro is a device with Android 11 in which you can have a multitude of apps. This model also has a 7.8-inch screen, type e-Ink Carta with 300 ppi. It supports handwriting and drawing and includes a light that is adjustable in warmth and brightness.

It also has a powerful ARM Cortex quad-core processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity technology, as well as a USB connector for battery charging and data.

BOOX Nova Air C

The new Onyx BOOX Nova Air C is a compact model with a 7,8-inch e-Ink color screen with up to 4096 colors. It also comes with Android 11 and the ability to install apps with Google Play.

In addition, it includes adjustable front light in warmth and brightness, Text-to-Speed ​​function to read the text to you, 32 GB of internal storage, USB OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth, and all with powerful hardware to move the system fluidly .

BOOX Nova Air2

Within the Onyx brand you will find a multitude of Android eReader models, since it has specialized in this. Another example is the BOOX Nova Air2. It is another hybrid with Android 11 and a 7,8-inch screen of the e-Ink Carta type with 300 dpi for greater sharpness and quality. In addition, it also comes equipped with a Pen Plus stylus and USB-C cable.

Of course, it also has a powerful ARM Cortex processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal flash memory, 5 GB of free cloud storage, WiFi, OTG, and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a frontal light with several todos to read. day and night.

BOOX Note Air2

BOOX Note Air2 is another possibility for eReaders with Android, specifically with the Android 11 version. This device has a 10.3-inch high-resolution e-Ink screen. It also has a powerful 8-core ARM-type processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of flash memory.

It should also be noted that you can view the split screen, it has OTG, WiFi, Bluetooth, G-Sensor, and you can easily activate Google Play.

BOOX Note Air2 Plus

The Onyx BOOX Note Air2 is another Chinese Android eReader model to consider. It features a 10.3-inch grayscale e-Ink display with high resolution and adjustable front light for reading at any time. It also allows you to split the screen, zoom, take written notes, etc.

It also comes equipped with Android 11 and Google Play, powerful processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, G-Sensor, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB OTG, it gives you 5 GB of free cloud storage, and it should also be noted which includes the Pen Plus stylus.

BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro

Another recommended one is the BOOX Tab Ultra C Pro, another 10.3-inch model, but this time with anti-fatigue e-Ink G-Senser in color, and with high resolution. This model comes with an Android 12 version in which you can also activate Google Play easily.

Includes touch screen pen, 2 Ghz OctaCore processor, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, long-lasting battery, 16 MP camera, USB OTG, Bluetooth and WiFi.

BOOX Note2

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Next on the list of the best Android eReaders is the BOOX Note2. In this case, it comes with the Android 9.0 version, with the ability to use Google Play. In addition, it has a large 10.3-inch e-Ink screen, with writing capabilities and a multi-touch touch panel.

It also includes an optical pen, adjustable integrated front light, powerful processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage (expandable via SD cards), 4300 mAh battery for long autonomy, USB-C OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

BOOX Tab Ultra

One of Onyx's most powerful and advanced models is the BOOX Tab Ultra. It has Android 11, which will offer you many possibilities thanks to the Google Play apps. In addition, it includes a Pen2 Pro optical pencil.

It has a 10.3-inch e-Ink screen, front light, G-Sensor, memory card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C OTG, long autonomy, 16 MP camera, and BOOX Super Refresh technology that offers four new modes update to improve the experience.


Finally, we also have another of the most expensive and advanced models, such as the BOOX Tab X. It is an eBoot/Tablet hybrid with no less than 13.3″ inches of screen size. It is a high resolution e-Ink Carta 1250 type to read A4 size texts.

Of course, it has capacity for audiobooks, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, USB OTG, 128 GB of internal storage, front light, powerful processor, has a 4300 mAh battery that can last for weeks on a single charge, and allows you to use Google Play on its android 11.

How to choose the best eReader with Android

Onyx Box C67ml

When choosing the best Android eReaders, you should pay special attention to the following characteristics:

Screen (type, size, resolution, color…)

As for the The screen is one of the most important things when choosing, as this is the interface used for handling and reading. Therefore, you should focus mainly on these aspects:

  • Panel type: It is very important that you do not get taken for a ride, since they could be selling you an Android tablet instead of an Android eReader. The difference is in the type of screen, since eReaders have e-Ink or e-paper technology. This makes them offer greater reading comfort, without discomfort or glare, and with an experience more similar to reading on paper. In addition, they are much more efficient than conventional LCD screens, which will increase autonomy.
  • Color: there are e-Ink panels in grayscale, in most cases, but there are also some color models, being able to display up to 4096 different colors to allow you to view the illustrations in full color and obtain a better experience, something important considering that that Android can offer you a greater variety of apps in which color can be important.
  • Size: Depending on your preferences, you should choose more compact devices, such as 7-inch ones, or larger models with screens that are 10 inches or larger. This will affect the reading surface, which will be higher, to see in a larger size, on larger screens. But it will also affect autonomy, since the larger the panel, the more it will consume.
  • Decision: Of course, screen resolution and pixel density is important for better image quality and sharpness. You should always choose 300dpi models for the best results.

Processor and RAM

Being an Android eReader is more important than for other eBook readers, since Android need superior performance, as well as for other apps available on Google Play. For this reason, you should always choose devices that have at least 3GB of RAM and a QuadCore ARM processor for smooth performance.

Android version and OTA

Of course, being an Android eReader, you should pay special attention to having a more current version of the operating system. I always recommend that is Android 9.0 or higher. In addition, it should also have OTA updates, so that you are always up to date with the news and patches for errors and vulnerabilities.


Keep in mind that when we talk about eReader models with Android, the operating system itself already takes up several gigabytes. And to that we must add what the apps occupy and the rest of the files you have. Therefore, in these cases it is preferable to have an eReader of at least 32 GB or more, so that you can fit a good library of titles.

However, you always have the possibility of uploading your titles to the cloud so that they do not take up space or to use microSD memory cards to expand the internal capacity in some cases that include a slot for this type of removable drives.

Connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth)

large ereader with light

It is important that these devices have WiFi connectivity to be connected to the Internet without cables. This will not only help us to buy and download electronic books or audiobooks, but also to upload to the cloud, download your favorite apps from Google Play, get updates, etc.

On the other hand, if you have Bluetooth connectivity It will also allow you to connect many other gadgets, such as a speaker or wireless headphones. This is especially important for those who want it for audiobooks.


Android eReaders are more advanced and versatile than the others, this also leads them to consume more battery. However, many of these devices, thanks to the efficiency of e-Ink screens, also can last several weeks on a single charge. The greater the autonomy, the less you will have to depend on the charger...

Finish, weight and size

You should always choose a quality and well-finished Android eReader to make it durable. Besides that, also should be ergonomic to allow you to hold it with greater comfort for longer, without discomfort or fatigue.

Of course, if you are going to get it from one place to another, you should also check that it has good mobility, that is, that its size is compact and that the weight is light.

writing capacity

Many of the models come with electronic pen to handle your touch screen more precisely than with your finger, but it also allows you to write or draw as if you were doing it on paper, but with the advantages of being a digital format that you can save, modify, print, etc.

Lighting design

Many of these devices have LED front lighting, so you can read in any ambient light condition, even in the dark. Also, these lights are usually adjustable, both in warmth and brightness.


Some Android eReader models are waterproof, with IPX7 or IPX8 protection. In the first case, they even resist immersion under water, but for a very short period of time. In the second case it is a superior protection, being able to be quite a while underwater and at a greater depth without suffering data. That is, it would be perfect to enjoy reading in the bathtub, pool, etc.


The price of Android eReader models can be quite varied. Keep in mind that these devices are more of a hybrid between an Android tablet and an eReader, so you can have the best of both worlds in one device. This also makes them more expensive, being able to go from € 200 €1000 or more in some cases.

Tablet vs eReader with Android: differences

ereader onyx box

Like I said, Android eReaders are devices somewhere between an Android tablet and a regular eReader. Therefore, doubts may arise between choosing one or the other, so we are going to see the pros and cons of each:

Android Tablet


  • They have higher visual quality color screens for watching videos, for video games, etc.
  • There is a greater variety of models to choose from.


  • The battery life is inferior, having to charge every one or two days in many cases, depending on the use.
  • The screen offers a worse reading experience, being able to generate greater eye strain and fatigue.

eReader with Android


  • The battery life is much better due to the more efficient e-Ink screen, so it can last even weeks on a single charge. This translates into tens of hours of reading.
  • Focus to focus on reading, what really matters.
  • Better visual experience, and more like reading a real book because of electronic ink.


  • It may have some limitations, such as grayscale displays in many cases, although there are e-ink color displays as well.
  • The benefits or performance are usually lower than those of tablets.

Is it worth buying an eReader with Android?

android ereader

The truth is that for those who have doubts between a tablet and an eReader, the best option at your fingertips is this type of eReader with Android. This way you will have the best of both worlds, with its advantages and disadvantages as everything, of course. In other words, you will have in your hands something more than a simple electronic book reader, thanks to the rest of the apps that you can install.

Perhaps it is better for those users who do not already have a tablet, since this way they will be able to have a versatile device, without the need to have two different devices. It can also be a good option for those who travel a lot and need mobility, being able to carry the eReader with Android instead of having to carry the tablet and also a separate eBook Reader.

However, for those who already have an Android tablet or an iPadPerhaps they prefer to opt for an eReader model without Android because of the advantages they offer and because they don't need that versatility when they already have a dedicated tablet.

On the other hand, you should know what are the advantages of an Android eReader compared to those based on Linux. Although Android also has a Linux kernel, but this operating system has advantages over embedded Linux that many other eReaders like Kobo, Kindle, etc. have.


  • Android eReaders offer greater feature richness and versatility with more apps and the Google Play store.
  • They usually include frequent updates to stay up to date.
  • It can offer greater richness in terms of supported formats due to the apps that you have at your fingertips.


  • Being a heavier operating system, that means you'll need more powerful hardware to deliver a good user experience.
  • It takes up more space on your internal memory, leaving you less room for books and audiobooks.
  • May be less battery efficient than embedded Linux.

Where to buy an Android eReader

Finally, if you want to know where you can buy an Android eReader at a good price, you have the following options:


The best platform to buy an eReader with Android is the North American Amazon. And it is that there you can find the largest variety of eReader models of this type, with all the purchase and return guarantees, secure payments and if you are a Prime customer, with exclusive advantages.