Best eReader brands

When choosing an eReader, you should know What are the best eReader brands? that exist. In this way, you will always make the right purchase, knowing which are the most reliable and with the best benefits.

If you wonder what are the best ereader brandsHere is a selection with the recommended ones:


Kindle is a series of electronic readers designed and marketed by Amazon.. These devices are among the best sellers due to the strong impact of the Kindle store, which has one of the largest book catalogs, with more than 1.5 million titles available. In addition, it also has Audible, another of the largest audiobook libraries.

Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos was the one who instructed employees to create the best eReader ever. This was in 2004, and so he started the project with code name Fiona that would eventually result in the Kindle that we all know today.

Throughout history, the Kindle has used hardware based on Marvell XScale chips in the first model, followed by models based on Freescale/NXP i.MX, and finally using Mediatek SoCs for the latest and most powerful models. As for the operating system, everyone is based on the Linux kernel, with its own firmware developed by Amazon.

Regarding the quality of these products, even though they are designed by Amazon, are made at Foxconn. This company with factories in China and Taiwan is well known for manufacturing products for major brands, such as Sony, Apple, Nokia, Nintendo, Google, Xiaomi, Microsoft, HP, IBM, and many more.

Kindle Advantages and Disadvantages



Quality. Limitations regarding supported formats.
Functionality and benefits. The DRM is very present.
Kindle and Audible store with millions of titles. It does not allow you to install additional apps.

Most Recommended Kindle Models

Kindle Basic

The new Kindle is one of the most compact and lightest models, with 6 inches and 300 dpi, as well as e-Ink Paperwhite technology, 8GB storage and Amazon's cloud. In addition, it is the most basic and cheapest model among Amazon's eReaders.

Kindle Paperwhite

It is an intermediary model from Amazon. The Kindle Paperwhite is an eReader that comes equipped with 8 GB of storage memory, a 6.8-inch screen with 300 dpi, adjustable brightness and warmth front light, and a compact, lightweight, and ergonomic design.

Kindle Oasis

If you are looking for something superior, one of the most advanced Kindle models is the Oasis. This device has a 7-inch e-Ink screen and 300 dpi. It also has adjustable front light in warmth and brightness, slim and ergonomic design, with buttons for turning the page, and water resistance (IPX8).

Why choose Kindle

In addition to the quality and benefits offered by this brand, one of the most notable advantages is its huge Kindle store where you will find book titles of all categories and for all ages. With over 1.5 million and growing. Among them there are also magazines, free books, comics, etc. And to that we must add Audible, another huge online bookstore to purchase audiobooks narrated by the most famous voices.


Tolino is another of the best eReader brands. It is a alliance of booksellers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland which was forged in 2013, with the collaboration of the telecommunications technology giant Deutsche Telekom. This is how this brand grew, which began by marketing in these three countries to expand in 2014 to others such as Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy and later to many other countries.

Tolino devices stand out for their value for money, for their features and for the technology implemented in these models. Also, you should know that these models were developed by the Canadian company Kobo (now owned by the Japanese group Rakuten).

Obviously, neither the booksellers alliance nor Kobo have factories, so production is carried out in Taiwan factories, achieving a good quality like its most direct competitors.

And we must not forget that these devices have had hardware based on ARM processors and Android operating system (derived from Rakuten). However, this is not an unlocked Android, rather it is limited in features.

Advantages and disadvantages of Tolino



Price quality. It does not allow you to install additional apps on your Android.
It is based on Android. Limited in terms of file formats.
Technology signed by Kobo. In German at the beginning (although it can be set to Spanish later).

Most recommended Tolino models

Tolino Vision 6

The Tolino Vision 6 is one of the latest models of this brand. An eReader with a 7-inch e-Ink screen, high resolution, 16 GB of internal storage, WiFi wireless connectivity, and with compact dimensions and light weight.

Tolino Shine 3

No products found.

Tolino also has another great model, the Shine 3. A model with a 1072×1448 px e-Ink Carta touch screen, 8 GB of internal flash storage, WiFi, a compact and lightweight design, and a 6-inch screen.

Why choose Tolino

If you want a device with a good value for money, in addition to the security that the design is at Kobo's expense, then the Tolino is one of the products you are looking for. In addition, it is based on ARM processors with good performance per watt and has an Android operating system.


Kobo is another of the great brands of eReaders. It currently has 13.11% of the device market, while Kindle maintains 53.30% and PocketBook would be the third in contention with 9.02%. This brand is the best alternative to a Kindle that you can choose.

Kobo (currently owned by the Japanese Rakuten) is a brand based in Toronto, Canada, from where they design their devices, to finally be manufactured in Taiwan. In addition, this firm has opted for operating systems based on Linux and with proprietary Kobo firmware to run its devices.

They have a long experience in eReaders, with models that are well known and appreciated in the market. All of them based on ARM chips, especially on Freescale/NXP i.MX, although lately they have also opted for Allwinner SoCs.

Kobo Advantages and Disadvantages



Price quality. The DRM is very present.
Great book store Kobo Store. It does not have as many titles as Kindle, since it has just over 0.7 million.
Smooth and pleasant experience. Does not support SD memory cards.

Most Recommended Kobo Models

Kobo Libra 2

The Kobo Libra 2 is an eReader with a 7-inch touch screen and E-Ink Carta type. This device has a screen with an anti-reflective treatment, adjustable front light in color and brightness, a reduction filter against harmful blue light, 32 GB of memory capacity, is resistant to water and also supports audiobooks.

Kobo Clara 2e

On the other hand is the Kobo Clara 2E. A 6-inch HD eReader with e-Ink Carta touchpad. In addition, it also includes anti-glare treatment, WiFi, Bluetooth, 16 GB of internal storage, it is waterproof and has ComfortLight Pro technology to reduce blue light, as well as adjustable light.

Kobo Ellipsa

Kobo Elipsa is also among Kobo's best, an alternative to the Kindle Scribe or Kindle Oasis. It has a 10.3-inch touch screen, type e-Ink Carta, and anti-glare. In addition, it includes 32 GB of internal memory, and includes a Kobo Stylus pencil for writing or annotating.

Why choose Kobo

One of the things that stands out the most about the Kobo is how complete they are, and their quality. One of the best eReaders when it comes to competing against Amazon's Kindle. In addition, the Kobo Store is one of the largest online bookstores after Amazon Kindle, with more than 700.000 titles available to choose from, with all the categories you can imagine and for all ages.


PocketBook is a European multinational company founded in 2007 in kyiv, Ukraine. In 2012 it moved its headquarters to Lugano, in Switzerland. From there they operate to design PocketBoot eReaders and the PocketBook Store services. Their designs stand out for their quality and features, as well as being very rich in functions and cutting-edge technology.

Regarding the factories where these products are assembled, it should be noted Foxconn, Wisky and Yitoa, to sell in up to 40 different countries and being the third producer of best-selling eBook Readers, after Kindle and Kobo. Therefore, a brand to trust, and highly recommended if you want to get out of the influence of the two big ones.

These devices are based on Linux, with a proprietary firmware. In addition, it should be noted that it is one of the few brands to offer models with a color screen, which provides greater richness when viewing images or comics.

Advantages and disadvantages of PocketBook



Very rich in functionality and technologies. It doesn't have as big a book store as Kindle or Kobo, but you can always add books from other sources.
They support a large number of formats. It does not include an SD card slot.
It has models with a color screen. There are no models with too large screens.

Most recommended Pocketbook models

pocketbook 700 era

The PocketBook 700 Era is one of the most iconic models of this brand. It is an eReader with a high-resolution e-Ink Carta 1200 screen, with 300 dpi, anti-glare, and a storage space of 16 GB. It also includes WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, a long autonomy of weeks, and water resistance (IPX8).

pocketbook inkpad color

The next model on the list is the PocketBook InkPad Color, one of the few color e-book readers, with a 7.8-inch e-Ink Kaleido screen. It also includes 16 GB of internal memory, front lighting, WIFi, Bluetooth, and great autonomy.

Pocketbook Touch HD3

Another standout is the PocketBook Touch HD3. It is a compact 6-inch e-Ink touch screen. This model also has 16 GB of internal memory, and has everything you can expect from a quality eReader, with long autonomy, easy to use, and good performance.

Why choose this brand

Being a European brand, It is one of the most trustworthy. Not only that, PocketBook stands out for its quality, performance, innovation and cutting-edge technologies in all its devices. In addition, they are among the best in terms of color screen, and have features as practical as Text-to-Speech so that they convert text into audio and you don't have to read, something positive for those with vision problems.


Onyx Boox International Inc. is a China-based eReader company, and could be positioned after the big three: Kindle, Kobo and PocketBook. This manufacturer is characterized by offering advanced and highly versatile electronic book readers under the BOOX brand.

This firm develops and produces its own devices in the Asian country. And since its inception it has specialized in mobile devices based on Linux, although they have also recently made the leap to Android, betting heavily on this operating system. The result is a hybrid between a tablet and an eReader, with the possibility of installing apps with Google Play.

In addition, they have focused on premium devices, with large screens and high benefits. So if you are looking for this, Onyx BOOX will be the perfect brand that you are looking for.

Boox Advantages and Disadvantages



There are models with screens up to 13 inches. They don't have a store as successful as Kindle or Kobo.
You can install a multitude of apps with Google Play for Android. They can be quite expensive in some cases.
There are a lot of variety to choose from. Its autonomy is not so long.

Most recommended Boox models

Box Note Air2 Plus

One of the best Onyx models is the BOOX Note Air2 Plus. It is a 10.3-inch eReader, with 64 GB of internal memory, adjustable front light, powerful processor, WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, USB OTG, G-Sensor, and Android 11 operating system with Google Play.

Box Nova Air C

Next up is the 7.8-inch BOOX Nova Air C from e-Ink. A perfect hybrid between a tablet and an electronic book reader. With color screen, integrated front light, 32 GB of internal storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB OTG, and Android 11 with Google Play.

Box Tab Ultra

You also have the BOOX Tab Ultra, another 10.3-inch device with an e-Ink display. In addition, it includes a rear camera, G-Sensor, SD memory card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB OTG, 128 GB of internal storage, powerful hardware and Android 11 with Google Play.

Why choose Box

Without a doubt, if you are one of those who are not sure whether to choose a tablet or an eReader, the Onyx BOOX is the perfect device, since you have the best of both worlds. The versatility of an Android tablet with the possibility to install a multitude of apps with Google Play, and the advantages of an electronic ink screen for more comfortable reading like an eReader.

Where to buy the best brands of eBooks

To find out where you can buy the best brands of eBooks Readers at a good price, here is a list with the recommended sites:

  • Amazon: The American giant is one of the platforms where you can find the greatest variety of models of these eReader brands. In addition, you will also find offers from some of them and you will always have the maximum purchase and return guarantees. And if you're a Prime customer, you'll enjoy fast and free shipping.
  • El Corte Ingles: The Spanish chain ECI also has a few models of eReaders from the best brands. They do not stand out for their price, but you can always wait for sales and promotions such as Technoprices. On the other hand, it should also be noted that it allows you to buy both at any of its points of sale and from the website.
  • Carrefour: Carrefour is another French chain that also allows both modes of purchase: online and in person. There you can find several models of eReaders from the best brands and at reasonable prices. In addition, like ECI, you will also find sales at certain times of the year.
  • Media Markt: The German Mediamarkt also stands out for its prices, and among its products you can also find the best brands of eReaders. In this case, you can also choose between buying through their website so that they can send it to your home or doing it from any of their stores spread over the main Spanish cities.
  • PCComponentes: Finally, PCComponentes is a great Murcian platform similar to Amazon but from where many other vendors offer their technology products. Here you can also find the best models of eReaders with very competitive prices. In addition, they have good service and fast deliveries.