Tolino eReader

If you are interested in him Tolino eReader, you should know some of its key features and keep in mind other considerations to know if this really may be the brand you are looking for or not.

The best Tolino eReaders

As for best models Tolino eReaders, we recommend the following:

Tolino Vision 6

Tolino Vision 6 is an eReader model with good value for money. A fairly cheap model with a 7-inch e-Ink screen, 16 GB of internal storage, and WiFi wireless connectivity. In addition, it is suitable for the whole family, and is made with more ecological materials.

Tolino Shine 3

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Another of the best models of this brand is the Tolino Shine 3. An e-book reader with a 6″ e-Ink Carta touch screen, with a resolution of 1072×1448 px. This eReader has an internal memory of 8 GB and supports a multitude of formats, such as EPUB, PDF, TXT, etc.

Tolino epic 3

Finally, we also have the Tolino Epos 3 model, it is another of the brand's most complete and powerful models. It is an e-book reader with an 8-inch e-Ink screen. It is a high-resolution touch screen and has an ergonomic design, a good storage capacity of 32 GB, adjustable light, and protection against water.

Characteristics of Tolino eReaders

Tolino epic

If you are interested in the Tolino eReader models, surely you will also like to know what the most outstanding features of this brand:


Tolino eReaders have a screen e-Ink or e-Paper, that is, an electronic ink screen. A technology that makes the experience of reading on the screen the closest thing to reading on paper. That means that you will be able to read without discomfort and without as much eye fatigue as conventional screens produce.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that these screens have another great advantage, and that is that consume much less energy than conventional ones, which means that the battery will last longer.


Of course, Tolino eReaders have WiFi wireless connectivity. Thanks to this, you will be able to be connected to the Internet without cables, to be able to buy and download your favorite books without having to connect the eReader to the PC, in addition to uploading them to the cloud, etc.

Long duration battery

The Tolino also have a long battery life. The autonomy of these models can last weeks on a single charge. On the one hand, due to the efficiency of its electronic ink screen, and on the other hand, due to its efficient hardware based on ARM chips.

Integrated light

Of course, the Tolino also include integrated light in some models. This allows you  read in any light condition, even in the dark. In addition, this light is adjustable so that you can adapt it according to the needs of each moment.

expandable storage capacity

Tolino also supports expanding its internal capacity through a slot for microSD memory cards. This way, you can plug in a card and overcome the limitations of the internal 8 GB flash memory.

ARM processors

This brand has chosen the Freescale i.MX6 chips (now part of NXP) to empower these eReaders. These SOM (System on Module) are a family of chips specially designed for multimedia applications and based on ARM architecture to obtain a good performance per watt ratio. Specifically, these chips are based on ARM Cortex A-Series, with Vivante GPU (from VeriSilicon).

Touch screen

The panels of the Tolino eReaders are multi-point touch, which will allow you to manage the device in an easy and intuitive way just by touching the screen to select the different options, turn the page, etc.

Is Tolino a good brand?

tolino ereader

Tolino is a brand of electronic readers and tablets of European origin. It was created after a alliance of booksellers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2013. These booksellers, together with Deutsche Telekom, began to market these e-book players in these countries, although they later began to expand to other countries.

Also, you should know that they are of very good quality, in fact they are designed by the Canadian company Kobo, so they are practically a renowned Kobo. And if this is not enough for you, you should know that the Tolino book store is also very rich in titles to choose from.

An eReader for the whole family

The Tolino eReader can be a good device for the whole family for many reasons. First, because it is quite affordable. But also because of their sizes, which range from 6 to 7 inches. These sizes are perfect for everyone, including the little ones. And it is that the models of compact electronic book readers weigh less and can be held more easily, without getting tired.

In addition, in the variety of books that you can have in Tolino, you will find for all tastes and for all ages. So on the same device you can have all the favorite content for each member of the family.

What formats does the Tolino eReader read?

tolino brand ereader

Another question that many users who plan to buy a Tolino eReader ask themselves is about the file formats that these devices support. They're not as plentiful as other eReaders, but they're more than enough for most, as it supports:

  • EPUB DRM: It is one of the most popular formats among eBooks, it is open and allows copyright management.
  • PDF: Its acronym stands for Portable Document Format, and stores digital documents.
  • TXT: plain text format.

Where to buy an ebook Tolino

Finally, if you want to know where can you buy an eBook Reader Tolino at a good price, you have the following options:


One of the best platforms to buy Tolino eReader models is on Amazon. The American has a wide variety of models and good prices. In addition, you will have all the purchase and return guarantees it offers, as well as free and fast shipping exclusively for Prime customers.


In the Murcian PCComponentes you can also find some Tolino models. In this online store they have good prices, good assistance and deliveries are usually fast. Also, if you live near the headquarters, you can also choose to pick it up directly at the physical store.


eBay is another of the great sales platforms where you can find Tolino eReaders. Amazon's great rival also has these products for sale, and it is also a safe and reliable service where you can find both new and second-hand models.