eReader with integrated Nubico

If you're looking for eReader with integrated Nubico or that supports this service, you should first know a few things about this e-book service and about the best existing models today.

Nubico is now called Nextory


Before the end of 2021, the Nubico platform migrated its content and changed its name to Nextory. After this new relaunch, the application will also offer a subscription service with unlimited access to its catalog of electronic books, with more than 300.000 digital copies and growing.

Best eReader models compatible with Nubico

As for best eReader models compatible with Nubico (now Nextory), we have:

These are alternatives to the inkBook Calypso Plus with Android, a system compatible with the Nextory app.

Onyx BOOX Nova2

This Onyx BOOX Tab Mini is one of the best Android 12 eReaders you can buy. It is a device that unites the best of Android tablets and the best of e-book readers with electronic ink. A device with a 7.8-inch e-Ink G-Sense anti-fatigue screen, integrated pen, 300 dpi and very easy to handle.

It also has a powerful high-performance OctaCore processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, and a long-lasting battery. Includes front light, WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB OTG.

BOOX Nova Air2

The next recommended model is the BOOX Nova Air2. It is another hybrid with Android 11 and a 7,8-inch screen of the e-Ink Carta type with 300 dpi for greater sharpness and quality. In addition, it also comes equipped with a Pen Plus stylus and USB-C cable.

On the other hand, it has a powerful ARM processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal flash memory, 5 GB of free cloud storage, WiFi, OTG, and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a front-facing light with several all-day readings. and at night.

Facebook e-Reader P78 Pro

The other great model for Nextory is the Meebook E-Reader P78 Pro, another device with Android 11 on which you can have a multitude of apps. This model also has a 7.8-inch screen, type e-Ink Carta with 300 ppi. It supports handwriting and drawing and includes a light that is adjustable in warmth and brightness.

It also has a powerful QuadCore processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, and WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity technology, as well as a USB connector for battery charging and data.

What is Nubico?


Although the question now should be what is Nextory? The truth is that whether you call it Nubico or Nextory, it is a online platform for the sale of electronic books, or eBooks, magazines and audiobooks. This platform, with a native app, has a huge selection of titles available, with more than 0.3 million.

You can find everything from classic novels to horror, through adventures, etc. With copies of all categories, with the latest releases and best sellers, as well as for all ages. Therefore, it is a great service that can be the perfect complement to your eReader.

Comparison Kindle vs. Nextory

kindle with light

If you have doubts about whether it is better for you Amazon Kindle Unlimited vs. NextoryHere are some points to keep in mind:

  • Kindle Unlimited has a larger repertoire of available titles, with more than 1.5 million. Instead, Nextory now has approximately 0.3 million.
  • The price of Kindle Unlimited is €9,99/month of subscription. In the case of Nextory, the subscription depends on the chosen plan, and ranges from €9,99/month to €12.99/month.
  • Nextory also has audiobooks, while Kindle does not, for that you have to subscribe to Amazon's Audible service, also priced at €9,99/month.
  • In Kindle Unlimited you can find titles in many languages.
  • The Nextory app is available for iOS and Android, so you can use it on your iPad and also on Android mobile devices, such as some eReaders that are based on this operating system, although Nextory highly recommends the inkBook Calypso Plus. Instead, Kindle is available for more systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows, FireOS.
  • Both do not impose limits.
  • Both are easy to use.

How to register Nextory

nubico nextory ereader

For sign up for Nextory It is all very simple, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Access your official website.
  2. Create account following the steps of the wizard.
  3. Download the app on your device.
  4. Access the app with the login credentials you chose in step 2.
  5. Now you can access the entire catalog of books and enjoy…

How much does Nextory cost?

As I mentioned before, Nextory has a price that varies according to the chosen plan:

  • Gold: This plan is priced at €9,99/month, it allows you to create up to 4 profiles in the app, although it only allows you to use 1 simultaneously.
  • Family: it is a plan starting at €12,99/month. In this case it is also allowed to create up to 4 profiles for family members, but you can use 2 to 4 simultaneously.

The rest of the characteristics are identical in both types of subscription. In addition, in any case you will have 30 day free trial.

How is the Nextory catalog

As I have previously mentioned, Nextory (formerly Nubico) has a catalog with more than 300.000 copies, and that is growing more and more. Among them you will find both electronic books and magazines and also podcasts and audiobooks. There are for all tastes and ages, for example, with categories such as:

  • Crimen
  • Biographies and reports
  • Fiction
  • Romantic
  • personal development
  • Children's books
  • Real facts
  • sleep and relaxation
  • Suspense
  • Non-fiction
  • Political Sciences
  • fantasy and science fiction
  • Comic and graphic novel
  • Children's books
  • Lifestyle and hobbies
  • classics and poetry
  • easy reading books
  • Terror
  • Eroticism

How to choose the best eReader with Nextory

ereader onyx box

When choose a good eReader model compatible with Nextory (formerly Nubico), you should attend to the following points:


One of the most important things when choosing a good eReader is the screen. Although we are talking about eReaders compatible with Android to be able to install the Nextory app from Google Play, there is something that differentiates these readers from conventional tablets, and it is their electronic ink screen or e-Ink (e-paper).

These displays offer a more comfortable way of reading, with an experience more like reading on paper, as well as being much more energy efficient. Furthermore, they are touchscreens, with various sizes depending on the model. However, this type of eReaders compatible with Android usually always have screens larger than 6 inches.

Do not forget that it should also have a high resolution to offer higher pixel density, such as 300 ppi models. In this way, the sharpness and quality of the image and the displayed text will be better, even more so considering that these devices are viewed closely, since this aspect is most noticeable at short distances.

Audiobook and BT compatibility

It is vital that your eReader is audiobook compatible, since Nextory also has this type of format among the titles in its catalogue. Otherwise, your eReader would be partially compatible with everything that this online service has to offer.

In addition, thanks to the compatibility with audiobooks, you can enjoy your favorite content while driving, cooking, ironing, or exercising. No need to be reading on the screen. And if you have bluetooth technology, you can connect wireless headphones to avoid having to depend on cables.

Processor and RAM

Considering that these eReader devices with Nubico must have the Android operating system to be compatible, you should also know to choose an eReader that has at least four processing cores or more, and with at least 2 GB of RAM so that they offer a smooth experience.

Operating System

Given that Nextory (Nubico) is compatible with iOS and Android only, the eReader you buy must have an Android operating system with Google Play from where you can download this app. Obviously, the iOS option is ruled out in terms of electronic book readers, since there are none.


Many of the eReader models can have storage spaces of 32 GB, which translates to about 24000 eBook titles on average. However, keep in mind that part of that space will be occupied by the Android operating system and by the apps. In addition, as Nextory also offers the possibility of audiobooks, these files tend to take up more space than eBooks. So it's something to keep in mind.


ereader box synchronization

It is very important that you have WiFi wireless connectivity. Thanks to it, it allows you to connect to the Internet to download the Nubico app itself (now Nextory), that you can buy titles online and download them, etc.


The best models of electronic book readers usually have quite long autonomy. For example, many of them can last several weeks on a single charge, and all thanks to the efficiency of the e-Ink screens, which only consume energy when they need to be refreshed.

Finish, weight and size

On any eReader, including eReaders with Nubico, you can also It is important that you keep in mind the finish, the materials, the ergonomic design, the weight and the size. All of this is directly related to quality and comfort when reading or taking it from one place to another. They must be models with good build quality, ergonomic design, compact size and light weight.

Lighting design

So that you can read in any ambient light condition, even in total darkness, some eReader models with Nubico have with an adjustable front LED light. By adjusting it in brightness and warmth, it will adapt to any condition, offering you a much more pleasant experience.


Some eReader models have certificate of IPX8 protection, that is, they are waterproof to protect them against water. These waterproof models allow you to submerge the eReader underwater without damaging it. Something important when it comes to being able to enjoy reading while you take a relaxing bath, in the pool, on the beach or in a jacuzzi.


Regarding the price, the eReader models compatible with Nextory, being Android models, usually cost a little more, although it is also true that they offer more functionality, such as having a hybrid between a tablet and an eReader thanks to Android and Google Play . That's why you're going to find models between €200 and €400 or more in some cases.

Where to buy ebook models compatible with Nextory

Finally, if you are going to buy one of these eBooks compatible with Nextory, it is best that you opt for these two stores:


On the online sales platform you can find all eReader models compatible with Android and Nextory (Nubico). In addition, you have all the purchase and return guarantees, secure payments, and exclusive advantages if you are a Prime customer.


This Murcian company also offers Android-compatible eReader device models that will allow you to install Nextory. It has very good prices and it is also a trusted place to buy, as well as having a good customer service.