Kobo eReaders

El Kobo eReaders It has become one of the best options you can find. These electronic book readers have positioned themselves among the best given their quality and technology. Therefore, you should know what are the recommended models that you can buy and all their technical characteristics.

Best Kobo eReader models

Between the Best Kobo eReader models that you have at your disposal you have the following:

Kobo models: differences

Several Kobo eReader models, each one with specific characteristics and oriented to a type of user. To know which one is the most suitable for you, you first have to know these models:

Kobo nia

The Kobo Nia model is a compact product, ideal to take on a trip or for children, since it has a 6″ e-Ink anti-reflective screen. This eReader can hold up to 6000 eBooks thanks to its 8 GB storage. It is very easy to use, has a long-lasting autonomy (several weeks) and technology to take care of your well-being, such as manually adjustable ComfortLight.

Kobo Clear 2

Another Kobo eReader is the Clara 2. It is a new device environmentally friendly and with great improvements over its predecessor. This model has been made of recycled plastic and recovered from the oceans. Of course, it has a high definition e-Ink Carta 1200 screen and a 6″ screen, dark mode and ComfortLight PRO. You will be able to enjoy a wide library of eBooks and audiobooks (it has Bluetooth) that you can take with you wherever you want and it is waterproof.

Kobo Libra 2

The Libra 2 is another new generation Kobo eReader. It has been designed for the most demanding, with a storage of 32 GB so you don't leave a single eBook or audiobook behind.

In addition, it includes quite practical customization functions, ergonomic design to facilitate your reading, with a long battery life, buttons to turn the page easily with one hand, and available in several colors.

Kobo Wise

The eReader Kobo Sage is also another of the outstanding models of this firm. It's one of the most advanced and elegant models of the brand. It has a high definition e-Ink Carta 1200 screen, 8″ screen, anti-glare, and support for audiobooks with Bluetooth technology to connect your headphones or wireless speakers.

The experience it offers thanks to its accessories (SleepCover and PowerCover to protect and facilitate the use of your device) and customization capacity is fantastic, as well as offering great quality for a satisfying and immersive reading experience.

Kobo Ellipsa

Finally, there is also the Kobo Elipsa. Perhaps the most advanced and flexible model of the brand. It is an eReader with a large 10.3″ screen where you can not only read, but also take notes in eBooks, PDF files, write your own stories, etc. And it is that its touch screen and the Kobo Stylus pencil give this model a capacity beyond an eReader.

It also comes with 32GB storage, enjoy audiobooks, Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity, and a protective SleepCover.

Features of some Kobo eReaders

kobo ereader features

Kobo eReaders are characterized by having some technical characteristics very interesting. Some of them are very remarkable and that will allow you to enjoy your Kobo eReader wherever and however you want:

ComfortLight PRO Technology

ComfortLight PRO is a feature included in many Kobo eReader models that allows you to adjust blue light and red emitted by your screen. In this way, it facilitates reading and prevents the damage generated by blue light, both at the eye level and its negative effects on falling asleep. Thanks to it, as the day progresses, the light gradually changes so as not to affect your sleep even if you read before going to bed.

e-Ink touch screen

The eInk screens, electronic ink, is a technology brand marketed by the company E Ink Corporation, founded in 1997. Several MIT students created the display technology there in 2004. Since then, more and more eReaders include this technology.

It is intended for replicate on the screen the reading experience you have on paper, without the glare and discomfort that conventional screens can generate when you fix your gaze for long periods of time. To do this, while on LED screens we find individual pixels that show each color, this does not happen on the e-Ink screen, they are black and white screens that have two pigment formats per millions of small microcapsules.

Each microcapsule contains negatively charged white particles and positively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a positive or negative electric field is applied, the particles will move to the top of the microcapsule, where they will be visible. In this way, images and text can be generated by controlling these electric fields in each area of ​​the screen. This is not only good for delivering a paper-like experience, but they consume less than an LED display as they only consume power when they have to change the layout of the screen.

Glare-Free Screen

kobo ereader with glare free screen

This Glare-Free technology, as its name suggests, is for avoid annoying reflections of the screens. Generally, this is achieved thanks to a special surface treatment of the screen. So even when reading in environments with a lot of ambient light, such as outdoors, you won't suffer from glare or discomfort that prevents you from enjoying your reading.

Bluetooth Audio and Audiobook Compatible

Some Kobo eReader models include the bluetooth technology to connect external audio devices, such as a wireless speaker or headphones. And this is an advantage to be able to listen to your favorite audiobooks in those moments when you don't feel like reading or, simply, you can't read since you are doing other tasks.

IPX8 certified

waterproof kobo

The IPX8 certification is a guarantee that the protected models have water impermeability, so you can use your Kobo eReader in the pool while enjoying a dip or in the bathtub, while you relax and enjoy your favorite books. That is, they are waterproof models, so you won't have to worry if it gets splashed or submerged.

Long-lasting autonomy

Of course, the Kobo eReader models have a Li-Ion battery that allows them to have a long autonomy, so that don't worry about charging your ebook reader even for weeks. In addition, the efficiency of its hardware and the e-Ink screen also contribute to low consumption.

Integration with public libraries

kobo pound

For those who love libraries, you will surely like to know that Kobo eBooks allow you to borrow eBooks in most public libraries to read them in peace wherever you want.

Many of these public libraries use the OverDrive service to catalog and manage these books, and Kobo supports this service. In this way, you can borrow eBooks from your local library, downloading a license file (.acsm) that you can transfer with Adobe Digital Editions to your eReader to enjoy that book temporarily.

Integration with Pocket

As you should know, the app Pocket allows you to save articles or stories from web pages that you like so you can read them later. To do this, you should have the Pocket app installed on your mobile device and have an account. In this way, it will be possible to synchronize with the eReader Kobo to be able to share these texts.

Kobo vs Kindle: Comparison

hesitate between Kobo vs. Kindle, two of the best, is normal. Therefore, I summarize the key points for your choice in the following table. So you can see which one best suits your needs:

Amazon Kindle Kobo Winner
File Format Support
It supports proprietary .azw formats and also .mobi, and .ePub. It supports a large number of formats, such as ePub, PDF, MOBI, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, CBR. Kobo
Overdrive Support Only available in the United States. You can use the Prime Prime Reading service in Spain. OverDrive function in several countries. It also allows you to use Adobe DRM and eBiblio. Kobo
Fonts Several with different sizes. Several with different sizes. Draw
Audiobooks Models from 2016 with Bluetooth. You only buy on Kindle or Audible. Since 2021 with Bluetooth on some models. Only purchased in Kobo store. Kindle
Support external apps Only Goodreads (community of readers). Dropbox (online storage), Pocket (save articles and websites) Kobo
supported stores
The Kindle and Audible store. Fewer books available, with the Kobo store. Kindle
Availability of ebooks in general To move to other devices you have problems as it is a proprietary format. By supporting open formats, you can easily save or move your eBooks. Kobo
Allow writing
Yes, the Kindle Scribe Yes, on Kobo Elipsa Draw
Price Competitivo Competitivo Draw

Is Kobo a good brand?

Rakuten is the company that has brought the Kobo brand to Spain. This company is based in Canada, although it has become popular throughout the world given the quality and functionality of its products. Therefore, it is a trusted brand and one of Amazon Kindle's biggest competitors, both dominating the field of ebooks and eReaders.

Also, you have to know that devices from other brands are rarely not manufactured in several factories or ODMs, so each model may have a different quality. However, in the Kobo and Nook brand everything is different, since they are one of the few that all their models are manufactured by the same factory in Taiwan, where many other famous and prestigious brands are manufactured.

How long does the Kobo battery last?

Depending on usage, a Kobo eReader battery can last from several weeks to two months if it is fully charged. Therefore, it is a long duration so you do not worry about keeping an eye on the charger. In addition, with its charger with a USB connector, it can be charged at any time easily and quickly.

What is the best format for Kobo?

Any of the supported can be a good option. Although, generally ePub or PDF format, is where most of the eBooks you will find are found.

On the other hand, if it is about texts or websites that you read through Pocket, then you will use TXT or HTML. While if what you are looking for is to enjoy your favorite comics, be they manga or of any other type, then you will have to opt for CBZ or CBR.

How much does a Kobo eReader cost?

Generally, depending on the model, Kobo eReaders can cost from €100 to €200, although some cases can reach €300 as in the case of the Kobo Elipsa pack. They are quite competitive prices taking into account the technology, functionality and quality they offer.

How to search for books on Kobo?

Finding books on your Kobo is very simple. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Kobo home screen.
  2. Click on the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap the tick next to Kobo Store.
  4. Then go to My eBooks.
  5. Enter the title or author name of the book you want to search for.
  6. You will be able to see a list of matches. Once you locate the title in the list, you can click on it to start reading.

How many books can fit on Kobo?

This will depend on the storage capacity of your Kobo eReader and the size of the eBooks or audiobooks you have. In the models with 8 GB of memory, and taking into account that the electronic books stored have a medium size, could fit up to 6000. While in the higher models with 32 GB, that amount rises until 24000.

My opinion of the Kobo eReader, is it worth it?

review ereader kobo

In my opinion, if you plan to buy an eReader and you don't like the Kindle, then the best option at your fingertips It could be the Kobo. It is of quality and has a wide library of titles available in its native store (Kobo Store). In addition, it accepts a large number of formats and is very practical. Other points to highlight that you should opt for a Kobo eReader are:

  • Competitive prices and very similar to those of its biggest rival: Kindle.
  • compatibility with great number of formats in order to escape Amazon's monopoly.
  • Allows read ebooks and also listen to audiobooks, so it is a perfect 2 × 1.
  • High quality display and with very good reading experience.
  • Device ergonomic to facilitate reading in portrait or landscape.
  • Physical buttons, in addition to the touch screen, to use your Kobo with one hand when you're busy.
  • Connectivity Bluetooth for wireless audio devices and WiFi to stay connected to the web and download your favorite books from the Kobo Store.
  • Some models support touchpen to be able to take notes or write on your touch screen. The Kobo Sage model is compatible with Kobo Stylus and Kobo Elipsa includes it.

Where to buy a Kobo eReader

Finally, finally, you should know Where can you buy a Kobo eReader? at a good price:


It is one of the largest sales areas on the Internet, and has a very good reputation. In addition, you will be able to make secure payments and have all the guarantees of return or assistance if something happens during the order or after delivery. Here you can buy all Kobo eReader products online at a good price.


Carrefour is also another of the large sales areas. This commercial chain of French origin allows you to purchase both in person at any of its points of sale throughout the country or through its website so that your new Kobo eReader can be sent to your home.

Media Markt

Another possibility to buy the Kobo eReader is at Mediamarkt. The German technology chain will also give you the option of buying in person at any of its physical stores or opting for the most convenient option, buying your Kobo eReader online.