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Todo eReaders is a website founded in 2012, when ebook readers were not yet so well known or common and in all these years it has become a reference within the world of electronic readers. A website where you can be informed of the latest news in the world of eReaders, the latest launches of such important brands as the Amazon Kindle and Kobo and other lesser known such as Bq, Likebook, etc.

We complete the content with professional device analysis. We thoroughly tested the eReaders for weeks to tell the real experience of continuous reading with each of them. There are things as important as grip and usability that are what will define a good reading experience with the device that cannot be counted if you have only seen the device and held it for a few minutes.

We trust in the future of digital reading and eReaders as tools and supports for it. We are attentive to all the news and new technologies that are incorporated into the devices on the market.

The editorial team of Todo eReaders is made up of a group of experts in eReaders and readers, devices and software related to reading. If you also want to be part of the team, you can send us this form to become an editor.



    • Miguel Hernandez

      I'm a geek editor and analyst. I am passionate about gadgets and technology, and I like to stay up to date with the latest news and innovations. I love reading and writing about all kinds of topics, from science fiction to history. I am passionate about reading and my favorite format is ebooks, because they allow me to take my library anywhere and access a wide variety of content. My favorite quote is “I believe it is possible for normal people to choose to be extraordinary” - Elon Musk. I aspire to follow his example and contribute my grain of sand to the world.

    Former editors

    • Joaquín García

      My current goal is to reconcile fiction with technology from the moment in which I live. As a result, the use and knowledge of electronic devices such as the E-Reader, which allows me to discover many other worlds without leaving home. Reading books through this device is very easy and convenient, so I don't need anything more than a quality e-book. Additionally, I am passionate about writing about my readings and sharing my opinions with other readers on my personal blog. I love to recommend the best E-Readers on the market and advise on them to make the most of their functions. I consider myself a creative and enthusiastic editor, always willing to explore new genres and literary formats.

    • Villamandos

      I am Asturian, a proud Gijón native to be exact. Technical Engineer in love with eReaders since they came out. Kindle, Kobo, ... I love getting to know and trying the different e-books, because they are all different and they all have a lot to offer. I like to read about all kinds of topics, from science fiction to history, crime novels or essays. My passion for reading led me to create my own blog, where I share my opinions, reviews and recommendations of the ebooks I am reading. I also like to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the world of digital books, as well as the best devices and accessories to enjoy electronic reading.

    • Manuel Ramirez

      Since I found a Kindle PaperWhite it is my favorite gadget for reading before letting another day pass. I will try to transfer this almost “fanaticism” for eReaders to Todo eReaders, a website where I share my opinions, reviews and recommendations on the best e-books on the market. I am passionate about reading and ebooks, and I believe they are a comfortable, ecological and economical way to enjoy literature. I love being up to date on these devices that are evolving for more comfortable and functional operation. My goal is to help other readers discover the benefits of eReaders and find their next favorite book.