eReader 10 inches

If you want an eBook reader with a large screen, either because you like to have a higher reading surface or because you have some vision problems that require a larger text font, then you should consider the 10-inch eReader models. In this guide we recommend some devices with which you will be sure and also all the considerations that you must have when buying these readers.

Best 10-inch eReader models

If you are looking for an good 10-inch eReader modelsWe recommend these brands and models:

Kindle Scribe

The Kindle Scribe is one of the best models you can find at 10.2 inches. It is an advanced eReader in which you will not only be able to read, it also allows you to write thanks to the built-in stylus. In addition, it has 300 dpi and between 16 and 64 GB to store thousands and thousands of titles. And that's not all, since you have at your fingertips more than 1.5 million titles in the Amazon bookstore.

Kobo Elipsa Bundle

Kobo is another of Kindle's biggest rivals. Another great 10.3″ eReader with an e-Ink screen, Kobo Stylus for taking notes, and SleepCover protection. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 32 GB, anti-glare technology, Bluetooth for listening to audiobooks and adjustable brightness.

PocketBook Inkpad Lite

The PocketBook Inkpad Lite model is also another alternative to the previous ones. A high-quality eReader, with 8 GB of internal storage, WiFi wireless connectivity, Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones to listen to audiobooks, and a 9.7″ screen. It does not reach 10 inches, but it is practically a 10″.

How to tell if it's a good 10-inch eReader

If you have doubts between the models mentioned above, you should look at some details to choose the 10-inch eReader that best suits your needs:


ereader 10 inch amazon

When choosing a good 10-inch eReader, the screen is one of the most important specifications what you should think about Specifically in the following points:

Type of screen

The first eReaders used LCD screens, although they already use LCD screens today. electronic ink or e-Ink, as these screens have two advantages: they offer a more paper-like visual experience with less eye fatigue, and they consume much less battery. This technology was developed by former members of MIT, who founded the company E Ink. The technology on which it is based is simple, using microcapsules with black (negatively charged) and white (positively charged) pigments. In this way, by applying charges to the different areas of the screen, one or the other pigment particles can be shown, thus forming the text or images.

In addition, this technology has evolved with various types of e-paper panels on the table:

  • vizplex: It appeared in 2007, it was the first generation of e-Ink displays and it was still an immature technology.
  • Pearl: Three years later the next generation arrived, with some improvements and which became very popular with the 2010 models.
  • Mobius: the next to arrive would be this other one, which was characterized by having a layer of transparent plastic on the screen panel to make it more resistant.
  • Triton: The Triton I arrived in 2010, and the Triton II in 2013. This is a type of color e-ink display, the first of its kind. In this case, it had 16 shades of gray for the gray scale and 4096 colors.
  • Menu: still quite popular today. This technology was launched in 2013, with two versions, a normal Carta and an improved HD Carta. The e-Ink Carta has a resolution of 768×1024 px, 6″ in size and a pixel density of 212 ppi. The e-Ink Carta HD has a resolution of 1080×1440 px and 300 ppi, while maintaining the same 6 inches.
  • Kaleido: in 2019 a technology would arrive that improved the color Triton panels. This technology applied a color filter as an additional layer. Then another superior improvement called Kaleido Plus would arrive, which appeared in 2021 with greater clarity. And in 2022 Kaleido 3 would be released, with a considerable improvement in the color gamut, with a color saturation 30% higher than the previous generation, 16 levels of gray scale and 4096 colors.
  • Gallery 3: It has been the most recent to arrive, appearing in 2023. This panel is based on ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper). These screens basically focus on improving response times to change from one color to another. For example, they can switch between black and white in just 350ms, while colors can switch in 500ms for lower quality and 1500ms for higher quality. On top of that, they also add ComfortGaze front light that reduces the amount of blue light so it doesn't affect your eye health and sleep conciliation.

touch vs buttons

The vast majority of eReaders already have with touch screen. In this way, it is used in an easy way, like mobile devices. You just have to touch the screen to perform basic functions, such as turning the page, zooming, etc.

Currently there are some models that still include some button, although you can choose between using the touch screen or the button to, for example, turn the page with one hand if you have the other busy. Therefore, this can be a plus when choosing.

writing capacity

Some of the 10-inch eReader models that we have recommended also have the ability to write on the screen to underline, take notes, draw pictures, etc. This is the case of the Kindle Scribe and the Kobo that come with the Stylus pen. An additional feature that will allow you to offer possibilities beyond reading.

Resolution / dpi

With 10-inch eReaders, you have to keep in mind their resolution and pixel density. And it is that the quality and sharpness of the image will depend on it. Being a considerably large screen, if the resolution is low, the density will also be low, and this generates a worse visual quality. You should always go for eReaders with a high density, such as 300 dpi.


Last, and not least. Do you have eReaders with a screen on black and white or grayscale, and color. Color electronic ink displays allow you to enjoy books with illustrations and comics, thus providing greater richness. However, grayscale displays offer a good experience on most books and are cheaper and give a little longer battery life.

audiobook compatibility

ereader with 10 inch screen

Another important consideration when choosing eReaders is whether they have the ability to play audiobooks or audiobooks. In case of having this capacity, you will be able to enjoy reading and also listen to how a voice narrates your favorite books while you do other tasks that do not allow you to be reading, such as driving, cooking, exercising, etc.

Processor and RAM

The processor and RAM included in the fluency and performance Of the device. For an eReader to be powerful, it should have at least four processing cores and at least two gigabytes of RAM, especially when running the Android operating system.


Another factor to take into account is the storage capacity of 10-inch eReaders. Depending on it, you can store more or less eBooks or other files such as sound files for audiobooks. Keep in mind that the amount will depend on the format and length of each book. However, to give you an idea, you can find eReaders from between 8 GB and 64 GB, which allows to store an average of between 6000 and 48000 books.

To internal flash storage, we must also add that many of the main eReaders have functions to upload books to the cloud, if you want to free up space. There are also some models that allow expand internal memory by using microSD type memory cards.

Operating System

10 inch ereader with pencil

Many eReaders are based on the Linux operating system, with minimal software to perform the necessary functions. others include operating systems like Android (Linux kernel), with a little more possibilities, since they may have some apps to do things beyond reading. However, never expect the functionality of a tablet, since they are not made for that.

Connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth)

Many eReaders have WiFi wireless connectivity to connect to the Internet and be able to perform tasks such as buying books online, downloading them, or even uploading books that you have in the internal memory to the cloud. There are a few models that also come with 4G LTE connectivity, to use a SIM card with a data rate to be able to connect whenever you want. However, the latter are usually more expensive.

Another important wireless connectivity technology is Bluetooth. 10-inch eReaders with BT allow you to connect wireless headphones or wireless speakers to your eReader to listen to audiobooks without the need for cables.


The 10-inch eReaders feature Li-Ion batteries with capacities of more than 1000 mAh in most cases. Enough to power these devices with e-Ink displays for several weeks on a single charge, taking into account average daily reading of 30 min.

Finish, weight and size

large e-reader

Also take into account the finishes, the quality of materialsso that they are robust. Also its design, so that it is ergonomic and can be held more comfortably. On the other hand, weight and size are very important, since it directly affects mobility. A lightweight and compact eReader allows you to hold it for longer without getting tired and is ideal for taking from one place to another, such as for those who read on the go.


Libraries or compatible online libraries with eReaders are also important. For example, Amazon Kindle has more than 1.5 million titles available, while the Kobo Store has more than 700.000 titles. Also, some eReaders allow you to upload from other sources or access audiobook stores like Audible, Storytel, Sonora, etc., and even to rent books at local libraries. All this will depend on whether you can read what you are looking for or not.

Lighting design

10 inch ereader with light

The built-in lighting on some 10-inch eReaders can also be very handy. Note that e-Ink screens are not backlit like LCDs, but many of these devices have front LED lights to be able to read even in the dark. In addition, these lights are usually adjustable in intensity and warmth, allowing you to adapt it to each condition.


If you buy a 10-inch eReader with IPX8 protection certificate, this means that the model is waterproof, even if you submerge it under it. In this way you can enjoy reading while you take a relaxing bath or while you enjoy the pool, without fear of spoiling it.

Supported formats

The greater support of file formats, the richer the content the 10-inch eReader you buy will have. Among some common formats that you should consider are:

  • DOC and DOCX documents
  • plaintext TXT
  • Images JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF
  • HTML web content
  • CBZ and CBR comics.
  • Audiobooks MP3, M4B, WAV, AAC,…


Some eReaders also have built-in dictionaries, and some have them in multiple languages. This can be perfect for students or to consult words that you have doubts about at any time, without having to go to an external dictionary.


Lastly, you should know that 10-inch eReaders typically have a slightly higher price than other more popular models, such as the 6″. These models can range from approximately €200 to €300.

Advantages and disadvantages of an 10-inch eReader

ereader guide 10 inches

If you have doubts about whether a 10-inch eReader is the right device for you, you should know what are the pros and cons of this type of size to decide if it suits what you are really looking for:


  • Larger viewing surface for more comfortable reading.
  • Larger text capacity for those who have vision problems.


  • Less mobility, since they will have greater weight and size, so they will not be as easy to transport if you plan to travel a lot.
  • The larger screen causes the autonomy to drop slightly, since it consumes more as it is a larger panel. However, you can get eReaders with autonomy of weeks even with these sizes.

Where to buy 10-inch eBooks at the best price

Finally, if you are looking to buy 10-inch eBooks at the best price, you should pay special attention to these shops:


Amazon is one of the platforms with the largest number of brands and models to choose from, in addition to being able to even find several offers for the same model. In addition, it offers all purchase and return guarantees, as well as secure payments. If you are a Prime customer you can also enjoy free and faster shipping.

El Corte Ingles

The Spanish ECI also has some large eReader models, although not as many as on Amazon or at such good prices. However, you could take advantage of offers such as Technoprices to get them cheaper. In addition, you have the double mode of purchase: online and in person.

Media Markt

In the German chain you can also find eReaders of these sizes. The same thing happens to ECI, and it is that it does not have the variety of Amazon. In addition, it also allows you to buy at any of the points of sale throughout Spain or order it from its website so that it can be sent to your home.


Finally, the French Carrefour can also be an alternative to the above. They have a few models of eReaders that you can buy both from their online store on the official website or go to any of the nearest centers.