eReader with color screen

Un Color eReader can be one of the best choices what can you do. And it is that it will not only allow you to see the graphic content of the books in a richer way, but it will also be fantastic if you are a fan of comics or manga to be able to enjoy every detail of the cartoons.

Here we will recommend some models and we will also help you with the choice by telling you everything you should know.

Best Color eReader Models

Between the best color eReaders we recommend the following:

Box Nova Air C

The Onyx BOOX Nova Air is one of the best color eReaders you can find. This device has a 10.3-inch screen, with integrated front light with CTM (warm/cold). It also has WiFi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for audiobooks.

On the other hand, other interesting features must be highlighted, such as its integrated speaker and microphone, Pen Plus Stylus pencil for writing and drawing, its Android 12 operating system, USB-C OTG port, and a long-range 2000 mAh battery. And a powerful ARM-based processor, 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

PocketBook Inkpad Color

We also have the PocketBook Inkpad Color, an electronic book reader with a 7.8-inch color e-Ink screen, 16 GB of internal memory, front lighting to read in any ambient light condition, WiFi and Bluetooth to connect wireless headphones for audiobooks .

Its screen is a color e-Ink New Kaleido with a resolution of 300 dpi. In addition, it is very light and functional, and it accepts a large number of file formats to be able to play a large number of documents, eBooks or audios.

PocketBook Moon Silver

Finally, we have the PocketBook Moon Silver. Another great color eReader with Kaleido e-Ink display. Like its older brother, the Inkpad, this device shares many of the benefits of the famous PocketBook brand, including including WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

With BT you can connect wireless speakers or headphones to play your favorite audiobooks. And since it is compact and lightweight, with its 6″ screen, you can easily take it wherever you want.

How to choose the best color eBooks

It tienes doubts about how to choose a good color eReader, then you should pay attention to the following important points:


ebook with color screen

The most important thing when choosing a good color eReader is undoubtedly its screen. The experience you are going to have with this device will depend to a large extent on it. Therefore, you should look at the following technical characteristics of the panel that mounts the model you want:

Type of screen

Most eReaders have mounted e-ink panels instead of the LCD or TFT that they used to mount years ago. This new electronic ink technology has many advantages over other panels, as they save a lot of energy for long battery life and also offer a visual experience similar to paper, without tiring your eyes as much. Within color e-Ink, you should know how to differentiate some technologies that have emerged on the market, since some are superior to others:

  • Kaleido: This technology first appeared in 2019. It is a color display based on grayscale e-Ink that added a filter layer to give color.
  • Kaleido Pro: in 2021 a new version would arrive with an improvement in color and texture, to make them sharper and with better image quality.
  • Kalido 3: It appeared in 2022 and in this case the new version offers much richer colors, with 30% higher color saturation than the previous generation, 16 levels of gray scale and 4096 colors.
  • Gallery 3: It is the latest technology, from 2023. It is the latest in color e-Ink displays, it is based on ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) to achieve more complete colors and with a single layer of electrophoretic fluid controlled by voltages compatible with the panels conventional TFT backplanes. Thanks to it, response times are improved, that is, what it takes to switch from white to black in just 350 ms, and between low-quality colors in just 500 ms, although the highest quality color can take up to 1500 ms. Plus, they come with ComfortGaze front lighting that reduces the amount of blue light reflected off the surface of the screen so you fall asleep better and don't punish your eyes as much.

Touch vs Buttons

Another of the choices you must make is whether you prefer a eReader with touch screen or with buttons. Most current models come with a touch screen, since that gives more possibilities to zoom, turn the page, etc., without the need to use buttons. However, some models still have function buttons in addition to the touch screen.

On the other hand, it must be said that some touch screen models also allow use digital pens (eg the Kobo Stylus or the Kindle Scribe, although these two models are not in color) to write or take your own notes on the books you are reading or studying. Therefore, it is another consideration to take into account if you want to write and not just read.


El panel size It is also very important, and the fact is that reading comfort and mobility will depend on it. On the one hand we have small screens between 6-8 inches, which may be interesting for those who prefer an eReader that is easy to take wherever you want to enjoy reading, with a lighter weight and less volume. In addition, it can also be interesting for children, who can hold it comfortably without getting too tired.

On the other hand, there are eReaders with large screens, which are usually 10-13 inches. These others allow you to view the image in a larger size, which can be positive for older people or people with vision problems of some kind. However, they will have their greater weight and that they are not so compact.

Resolution / dpi

Resolution and pixel density they are also very important for achieving good image quality, especially when it comes to color eReaders. The resolution should be as high as possible, and have at least 300 ppi pixel density, which is important to see the image sharper when you look at your eBook reader up close.

audiobook compatibility

ereader with apps

It would also be important to consider whether the eReader you are going to buy has the ability to play audiobooks or audibooks. If it has it, it will allow you to listen to your favorite books narrated by people so that you can enjoy the experience without having to look at the screen, while doing other tasks such as cooking, driving, etc., or if you have vision problems that prevent you from reading as well may be an accessibility feature.

Processor and RAM

Hardware is also important, especially processor and RAM that include. The fluidity with which the actions are executed will largely depend on these two elements, which will allow you to interact with your eReader without jerks or pauses. Also, if your eReader has the Android operating system and can run other apps beyond reading, you also want the SoC to have at least 4 processing cores and a RAM of at least 2 GB.

Operating System

El operating system It is also important, although not as much as in the case of a tablet, since the function of an eReader is mainly to allow you to read. This is done well by eReaders who have an Android system as well as those who use any other system. However, it is true that some Android eReaders have more functions thanks to the apps.


Many of the color eReader models have capacities between 8 and 32 GB, which allows you to store an average of between 6000 and 24000 book titles. However, being content in color, this amount could be slightly less. However, keep in mind that you always have the option of the cloud, or that there are some models that have the ability to insert microSD memory cards to expand the internal memory capacity.


color e-reader

In the connectivity section we can find two wireless technologies:

  • WiFi: thanks to it, it allows you to connect your eReader to the Internet to synchronize your books with the cloud, download books from the online library you want, etc., without the need to pass the books through a USB cable. It should be noted that there are some models that also include LTE technology to connect via mobile data rate with 4G or 5G thanks to a SIM, although they are rare and more expensive.
  • Bluetooth: will allow you to listen to audiobooks by pairing your headphones or wireless speakers with your eReader. A comfortable way to enjoy the content you like best without having to depend on the length of a cable, while doing any activity.


eReader batteries are not infinite. However, the current capacities (measured in mAh) mounted by the best models of electronic book readers usually have quite long autonomy. For example, many of them can last even a month or at least several weeks on a single charge. That is to say, thanks to the most efficient hardware and the e-Ink ink screens, the autonomy is much higher than that of any tablet on the market.

Finish, weight and size

You should also look at the finish and materials, so that they are of good quality and durable. In addition, the ergonomic design is also important so that they allow you to read in the most comfortable way possible, without discomfort. And, of course, if you plan to take your eReader on a trip or to read on public transport, or wherever you are, it is also important that they are not too heavy or too large.

User interface

Always look for the user interface and the different functions of the eReader to be as easy as possible, especially if it is going to be intended for the elderly or for children. Generally, almost all eReaders tend to have a fairly simple user interface, although there could be some rare brand that is somewhat less easy…


Another vital point is the library support from which you can access your favorite titles. The amount of content at your disposal will depend on it. Also, this is also important for the number of audiobook titles you have at your fingertips. Stores like the Kindle or Kobo Store are usually the largest in terms of the catalog of eBooks available. While Audible is usually one of the best in the case of audiobooks. But you should also know that there are some eReaders that also allow you to rent books at your local public library.

Lighting design

color ereader lighting

Some eReader models also have lighting sources so you can read in any ambient light condition, both indoors and outdoors. It is important that LED lighting is adjustable in terms of the level of illumination and the warmth of the light.


Some eReader models have certificate of IPX8 protection, that is, they are waterproof to protect them against water. These waterproof models allow you to submerge the eReader underwater without damaging it. Something important when it comes to being able to enjoy reading while you take a relaxing bath, in the pool, on the beach or in a jacuzzi.


Finally, I also advise you to evaluate the money you have to be able to invest in your eReader, since that will allow you to download some models that are out of budget. Also, you have to know that there is a wide range of prices for eReaders, although those with color screens tend to have prices from € 200 In most cases.

Best Color eReader Brands

On the other hand, when we talk about some of the best color ereader brands, that stands out:


This Japanese firm was important in the world of eReaders. However, has stopped producing its models, so if you still find a model in stock in a store, such as the Sony DPT-CP1 v2, in color you should not buy it. The reason is that having stopped production, and although they continue to provide support on the official website, you will not receive updates and it will soon be obsolete.


This brand is also among the popular ones in the world of eReaders. These are quality devices with a good number of models to choose from, including some with a color e-Ink screen, such as the InkPad, or the Moon Silver. Two highly recommended models due to their performance and quality.


Of course, Onyx and his Boox are also among the recommended. This Chinese brand offers good quality, technology and rich functions. Within the Onyx models you can find some in color like the Box Nova Air. In addition, another of the characteristics for which this brand stands out is for having generous screens in terms of size.

Is a color eReader worth it?

ereader color guide

La The answer to this question will depend on what you use the eReader for. For example, if you are going to use it simply to read books such as novels, or that only have text, the truth is that it is better for you to buy a grayscale e-Ink eReader that will consume less battery.

However, for those who use it for technical books, or with illustrations, as well as for comics, it is best to buy a color eReader to enjoy the images in great detail.

How it influences the battery compared to a black and white model

As I have already mentioned, the color models have a more complex panel than the black and white or grayscale models. Therefore, e-Ink color eReaders will tend to have a slightly lower autonomy.

However, it's not something to turn away from color eReaders either, as many current color e-ink models can run up to 30 days on a single charge.

Advantages of a color eReader

ereader with color screen

The and advantages of a color eReader are diverse, especially if it is an e-Ink screen. For example, among the most notable:

  • Color eReaders allow you to produce up to 16 shades of gray and up to 4096 colors to offer a much richer viewing experience.
  • Ideal for reading books illustrated with photographs, graphs, etc., magazines, color comics, etc.
  • In addition, technologies like Kaleido Plus or Gallery 3 have improved a lot compared to the first color eReaders, offering greater sharpness in the text.

Where to buy cheap color eReaders

Finally, if you don't know where to buy color eReaders at a good price, the most prominent sites are:


It is one of the best platforms where you can find a large number of brands and models of color eReaders, being able to choose the best possible offer. In addition, you also have the guarantees offered by Amazon in purchases and payments. And if you have Prime, you can also count on free shipping and faster delivery.

Media Markt

The German tech chain is also another place to find some cheap color eReader models, though there isn't as much variety as on Amazon. In this case, not only will you have online sales from its official website, you can also go to any nearby Mediamarkt center to buy it from there.

El Corte Ingles

ECI also offers both modalities, both buying from its website to have it sent to your home or going to any of the shopping centers that this Spanish firm has. The models are not as abundant as on Amazon, in addition to their prices not usually being the cheapest, although you can take advantage of opportunities such as Technoprices.


Finally, Carrefour is also a place to find color eReaders. Here you can also choose between shipments to your home buying from the website of this French chain or go to any of the centers spread throughout the Spanish geography to buy it in person.