Apple eReader

Apple is a very popular brand in the world of technology, and a benchmark for many. However, if you are looking for Apple eReader models, the truth is that we have bad news for you: they do not exist at the moment. However, you do have some interesting alternatives that you should know about.

iPad as an eReader: advantages and disadvantages

Before choosing a iPad as your eBook reader or opt for an eReader, it is best that you first know the advantages and disadvantages of each option. So you can choose with better criteria the right option for you:

Advantages and disadvantages of using the iPad to read

ipad advantages

First the and advantages are:

  • They allow you to install a wide variety of apps and video games, so they are not only useful for reading.
  • This also allows you to install more types of store apps and other plugins, such as Caliber to manage your ebooks. In addition, you will be able to choose between Kobo Store, Kindle, etc., also for audiobooks such as Audible, Storytel, Sonora, etc.
  • They have higher performance.
  • They allow greater flexibility in terms of configurations and adjustments.
  • They usually have more storage capacity.
  • They allow adding peripherals such as external keyboards, etc.

Furthermore, the disadvantages are:

  • The Retina screen is still an IPS LED LCD panel, so it will generate more discomfort and eye fatigue when reading. And it doesn't offer as much of an experience as reading on paper.
  • Its price is much higher.
  • The battery will drain faster, since LED panels are not as efficient as e-Ink.
  • The useful life is usually shorter.

Advantages and disadvantages of the eReader to read

large ereader advantages

Among the latests Moravia's compositions and advantages eReader versus iPad are:

  • It has an e-Ink screen, which helps to offer a visual experience without discomfort and with less eye fatigue, similar to reading on paper.
  • They are more energy efficient, so the battery will last for weeks and not hours.
  • They tend to be more compact and lighter.
  • They have light with adjustment of warmth and brightness to adapt to all conditions.
  • Some have IPX8 protection, which makes them submersible in water without suffering damage.
  • They are cheaper.

The disadvantages are:

  • They are ideal for reading, but not for other tasks. That is, they are very limited.
  • They do not have as much versatility when it comes to choosing the book store you prefer or the formats.

In short, you can use the Apple iPad to read, but if you are a regular reader, the best thing is an eReader.

Alternatives to the iPad to read eBooks

As alternatives to the iPad for reading, we recommend these options:

PocketBook InkPad Color

The PocketBook InkPad Color is one of the few models on the market that has an e-Ink color screen, being able to enjoy ranges of up to 4096 different colors to see the illustrations of books and your favorite comics in full color. In addition to being one of the best brands, it should be noted that this model has 16 GB of internal memory, a 7.8-inch screen, adjustable front lighting, WiFi, Bluetooth, and audiobook capacity.

MeeBook E-Reader P78 Pro

The next alternative to the iPad could be this MeeBook e-Reader P78 Pro. A device with a 7.8-inch e-Ink Carta screen and 300 dpi resolution, capable of writing, audiobooks, WiFi, adjustable light temperature and brightness, QuadCore SoC, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and Android 11, so it's like a hybrid between tablet and eReader, getting the best of both worlds. 

Onyx BOOX Note Air2 Plus

Onyx BOOX Note Air2 Plus is another of the great wonders that exist on the market. Another hybrid between Android 11 tablet and eReader. With a 10.3-inch e-Ink screen, Pen Plus pencil for writing, 4GB of RAM, powerful CPU, 64GB of internal storage, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB OTG, as well as having a multitude of apps thanks to Google Play.

Kindle Scribe Bundle

Finally, we also have Amazon's Kindle Scribe. One of the best-selling models, with all the potential of the Kindle Store, Kindle Unlimited, 10.2-inch e-Ink screen and 300 dpi, up to 32 GB of internal storage, and with the ability to write with its included stylus.

What is Apple Books?

Apple Books, formerly known as iBooks, is an eBook reading and storage app. developed by Apple. It was announced in 2010 for iPad devices, and is currently also available for iPhone and iPod Touch since 2010. This product is only available for customers in the United States, so it would have limitations for use outside the American territory.

This app has a lot of reading content, mainly in EPUB format, although it also supports adding EPUB and PDF by syncing from iTunes. And, among other capabilities, it also highlights that Apple Books allows content to be read aloud thanks to VoiceOver technology, so it will be like having an audiobook.

What eBook formats does the iPad read?

apple ereader

Well, the truth is that the iPad can read almost all formats available, since you only need to have the right apps to read each format. For example, you can use Amazon's native formats with the Kindle app, or install the Kobo app for these other formats, or perhaps use the Caliber app to manage your ebooks or convert. You will even find a multitude of readers of formats such as PDF, audiobook libraries and much more from the App Store.

Where to buy a cheap iPad

Finally you should know where you can buy a cheap iPad and its alternatives, and in this case we recommend the following stores:


The American platform has a multitude of models to choose from and with good prices. This website also has the maximum purchase and return guarantees, as well as good customer service, secure payments, and exclusive benefits for Prime customers.

Media Markt

The German technology store chain also has both eReaders and iPads at a good price. It is another trusted place where you can buy these products both from their website so that they can send it to your home and from any of the nearest points of sale.


PCComponentes from Murcia is also a good place to find technology at the best price, with good customer service, security and guarantees. In addition, you can count on very fast shipments of products in stock, and the variety is immense.

El Corte Ingles

ECI is a Spanish sales chain that also has a technology section where you can find eReaders and iPads. Their prices are not the lowest, but you can take advantage of discounts such as sales or Technoprices to purchase a cheaper product. And it supports both online and face-to-face purchase modalities.


Finally, the French Carrefour also allows you to buy from its website for home delivery or go to the nearest sales center. In any case, the variety is not as high as in other cases, and it does not have the best prices available either.