BOOX eReader

Maybe the BOOX eReader It is not the most popular of all, but it is a fairly well-known brand with more than remarkable models, with truly impressive and unique features. So, if you are looking for something more than an eReader, like an eReader+Tablet hybrid, to have the best of both worlds, this is the device you need…

The best eReader Boox models

If you are determined to buy one of the best models of eReader ONYX BOOX, here are the most recommended at this time:

BOOX Note Air2

The next recommended model is the BOOX Note Air2. It is another hybrid with Android 11 and a 7,8-inch e-Ink Carta screen with 300 dpi for greater clarity and quality. In addition, it also comes equipped with a Pen Plus pen and USB-C cable.

On the other hand, it has a powerful ARM processor, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal flash memory, 5 GB of free cloud storage, WiFi, OTG, and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as a front-facing light with several all-day readings. and at night.

BOOX Note Air2 Plus

Another hybrid between eReader and tablet is the BOOX Note Air2. This model also features a 10.3-inch grayscale e-Ink display with high resolution and adjustable front light for reading at any time. It also allows you to split the screen, zoom, take written notes, etc.

This device comes equipped with Android 11 and Google Play, powerful processor, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, G-Sensor, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB OTG, it gives you 5 GB of free cloud storage, and you also have to It should be noted that it includes the Pen Plus pencil.

BOOX Nova Air C

it also has the BOOX Nova Air C, a compact model with a 7,8-inch e-Ink color screen with up to 4096 colors. Like its brothers, it also comes with Android 11 and the possibility of installing apps with Google Play.

On the other hand, it also includes adjustable front light in warmth and brightness, Text-to-Speed ​​function to read the text to you, 32 GB of internal storage, USB OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth, and all with powerful hardware to move the system fluidly.

BOOX Tab Mini C

We also have the BOOX Tab Mini, another 7.8-inch model with G-Sensor, but this time e-Ink in grayscale, with 300 dpi. This model comes with an Android 11 version in which you can also activate Google Play easily.

It includes a pen with a precision level of 4096 points on its touch screen, OctaCore processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, long-lasting battery life of up to 2 weeks, USB OTG, Bluetooth and WiFi.

BOOX Tab Ultra

The next option on the list of recommendations is the BOOX Tab Ultra, one of the most powerful and advanced models. With Android 11, this hybrid between tablet and eReader offers you many possibilities. In addition, it includes a Pen2 Pro optical pencil.

It also has a 10.3-inch e-Ink screen, front light, G-Sensor, memory card slot, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C OTG, long autonomy, 16 MP camera, and BOOX Super Refresh technology that offers four new update modes to improve the experience.


BOOX Tab X is another of the best tablets + ereaders you can find. It is a device with a 13.3-inch ePaper screen, with an internal memory of 128 GB, Android 11 operating system, front light, G sensor, USB-OTG, and WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.

You can use a Pen2Pro stylus if you wish, and its working vision is ideal as it is like an A4. It also has Super Refresh Technology and four screen refresh modes to make reading, browsing or using apps easier.

BOOX Note2

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Finally, there's also the BOOX Note2, another hybrid tablet/ebook reader running Android 9.0, with the ability to use Google Play. In addition, it has a large 10.3-inch e-Ink screen, with writing capabilities and a multi-touch touch panel.

Includes optical pen, adjustable integrated front light, powerful processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal storage, 4300 mAh battery for long autonomy, USB-C OTG, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Also, it supports memory cards.

Features of Boox eReaders

ereader box synchronization

Among the latests Moravia's compositions most outstanding features of the eReader Boox, the following should also be highlighted:


Some BOOX models of the brand have a pencil to be able to handle the eReader more precisely, if you don't want to use your finger. In addition, this pen will allow you to do more than move through the menus, since it also allows you to write as if you were doing it on paper and also draw.


Electronic ink or e-Ink is a type of screen with great advantages over conventional LCDs. These screens offer an experience more similar to reading on paper, without glare or discomfort, reducing eye fatigue. In addition, these screens have another advantage, and that is that they consume very little energy, so the battery can last for weeks on a single charge.

front lighting

ereader onyx box

BOOX eReader models also feature LED front lighting. In this way, you can have adjustable light to adapt to all ambient lighting conditions. You can even read in complete darkness without having to turn on another light.


This accessibility function is very practical, since it allows the device to read any text, that is, transform text into audio. In this way, you can have your BOOX read to you while you are doing other tasks or for people who have vision problems.


These BOOX eReaders also have wireless connectivity to access the Internet. With this you can both buy and download new books, as well as download apps, receive updates, browse, and much more.

Touch screen

The touch screen will allow you to operate this eReader/Tablet more easily, as you do with other mobile devices. In addition, you can use both your finger and the pencil itself that is included.

Full Android

ebook box

These eReaders have a particularity compared to others. There are Android eReaders that have a very limited operating system, and you can practically only use them for reading and other functions that they allow. However, BOOX eReaders are more like an Android tablet, so you can also use Google Play to install many apps of all kinds. That is why they are a perfect hybrid between a tablet and a digital book reader.

Bluetooth 5.0

BOOXes also feature Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity. This will allow you to link other devices such as wireless speakers or headphones. So you can listen to your favorite playlists, use the Text-to-Speech function, or listen to your favorite audiobooks without the need for cables.

USB-C connector

Finally, while other eReaders have a microUSB connector for charging or passing data, the BOOX has USB-C, which is more modern and easier to connect. This cable will serve both to charge the battery and to transfer data by connecting it to your PC.

How to activate Google Play on eReader BOOX

Activate the Google Play app store To make these hybrids between tablet and eReader available on Android is as easy as following this simple video tutorial. The steps for other models are:

  1. Tap on Settings.
  2. Then go to Applications
  3. Turn on Enable Google Play.
  4. Sign in to your Google Play account.

Is Boox a good eReader brand?

ereader box

BOOX is a trademark of the Onyx company. It is an eReader from the Chinese company International Inc. This company is dedicated to the creation of eReaders, initially based on Linux and currently based on Android. They have a lot of experience and have very good quality. So it is a brand you can trust.

On the other hand, it must be said that the eReader BOOX models are the only ones that are hybrid between a tablet and an eReader, with the best of both worlds. That is to say, it is the closest thing to a tablet with an e-paper screen. And if what you are looking for is an eReader with a large screen, the BOOX ones are the best, since they reach up to 13 inches.

What formats does the eReader Boox read?

By having an Android operating system with Google Play, you can install a multitude of apps to read from office files, tablets, music, etc. But if what you ask is the formats it accepts as eReader, then they are also very varied:

  • eComics: CBR, CBZ.
  • Image: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP.
  • Audio: MP3, WAV, …

Where to buy a cheap BOOX

Finally, if you want to know where you can buy a box at a good price, you have these options:


On the American platform you can find all the current BOOX models. In addition, you have all kinds of purchase and return guarantees, as well as secure payments. Also remember that if you are a Prime customer you can count on exclusive advantages, such as free shipping and faster deliveries.


On this other American platform that competes with Amazon, you can also find some BOOX eReader models. It is a safe place to buy, although you should pay close attention to whether they are used or new models, and where they come from.