Sony eReader

Another of the best-known models is the Sony eReader. The Japanese brand also launched its models, positioning them among the best. However, this brand has already stopped offering them. Here you will know the reasons, as well as some interesting alternatives with characteristics similar to Sony.

Alternatives to Sony eReaders

Although Sony eReaders you can no longer buy them (although they are still in stock in some stores), you can opt for others similar alternatives that we recommend:

Kobo eReaders

One of the alternatives that you have at your fingertips are the eReaders of the Canadian Kobo. This firm has prices and features similar to Sony eReaders, as well as an extensive library of books with the Kobo Store:

eReader Kindle

Another alternative to the Sony eReader is the Amazon Kindle. You will be able to enjoy a large library with more than 1.5 million titles of books, comics, magazines, etc., even some totally free titles. Therefore, consider buying one of these models:

PocketBook eReader

eReaders PocketBook They are also a fantastic alternative to Sony for their technology and features. They have great wealth in terms of options and a good bookstore like the PocketBook Store:

Sony eReader models

ereader sony prs-t3

The devices Sony eReader are divided into two series, within which there are several models:


This series is composed of several models. They have screens of different sizes, such as the 6″ one. They are based on e-Ink Pearl technology, in black and white or gray scale and with 16 possible gray levels. In addition, it has internal flash memory and a memory card slot if you want to expand the internal memory. Its autonomy is a couple of weeks, depending on use, and it has compatibility for MP3 and AAC audiobooks, as well as EPUB eBooks, and BBeB.

PRS-T series

It is the series with more advanced models. They have compact dimensions and are lightweight, 6″ in size, with a touch screen, e-Ink Pearl, 758×1024 px resolution, and storage for more than a thousand books in their internal flash memory, with the possibility of expanding up to the 32 GB via microSD cards. It also has WiFi connectivity, compatibility with EPUB, PDF, TXT and FB2 formats, as well as JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP images, as well as supporting DRM management for content from other libraries through Adobe DRM. The battery in this case is much better than the basic PRS model, since it can last up to 2 months.

Features of Sony models

sony ereader

As for the Sony eReader features that you should know to look for the alternative models closest to what this Japanese firm offers, include:

E-Ink Pearl

La e-Ink, or electronic ink, is a special type of screen that offers an experience more similar to reading on paper, with minimal battery consumption and that generates less eye fatigue due to its characteristics, in addition to avoiding flashes and other inconveniences generated by conventional tablet screens and others. similar devices.

El operation It is based on small white (positively charged) and black (negatively charged) particles trapped in microcapsules and submerged in a transparent liquid. In this way, by applying charges, the pigments can be controlled so that they display the text or image that is needed. In addition, once the screen is displayed, they will not consume more energy until it has to be refreshed, for example when you turn the page, which means very significant energy savings.

In the case of Sony screens, several variants of this technology are used, but one of those used in its latest models is the e-Ink Pearl. This was first introduced in 2010, and was used by Amazon Kindle, Kobo, Onyx, and Pocketbook models, since it had an improved appearance compared to the first generations of e-paper screens, since it is anti-reflective and has a higher fluidity and sharpness.

Advanced page refresh technology

sony ereader with gestures

La advanced page refresh technology from Sony is a technology unique to these eReaders. What this technology does is prevent the page flicker that often occurs in other e-book readers, with a smoother and clearer transition when turning the page.


Of course, these Sony eReaders also feature WiFi connectivity, to be able to be connected from your device and access libraries and online services from where you can get your favorite titles, without having to use the cable to transfer them from the PC.

Expandable storage

Although Sony eReaders have a decent amount of internal flash-type memory, with the ability to store up to 1000+ books, it's also important to note that they can be expanded by using memory cards. memory type SD, up to 32 GB, which means a total of about 26000 books.

long autonomy

Given the very low consumption of the e-Ink screen and the efficiency of the rest of the hardware, these Sony eReader models can have really high autonomy, reaching in some models up to 2 months without using WiFi connectivity and up to more than 1 month using this connectivity.

Quick charge

On the other hand, Sony has also provided its eReader with fast charge so you don't have to wait too long to get your battery ready again. In three minutes of charging you will have enough autonomy to read an entire novel of about 600 pages.

Evernote Clearly

It has this function that allows save web content that interests you to read it when you need. In this way, you will not only have books, but also the possibility of reading your favorite blogs or websites.

Opinion on the Sony eBook

sony ereader

Sony began marketing its PRS (Portable Reader System) in the United States in 2006, reaching Canada and the United Kingdom in 2008, to later expand to many other countries. These eReaders have good technology and functionality, and of course they offer you what you expect from such an important brand in the electronics sector as is the Japanese Sony.

All users of Sony models are quite satisfied with these products, both for quality, performance and also for the reliability of these devices. And many especially highlight the high autonomy they have, above many of the competing models.

What formats does the Sony ereader read?

Sony has given its eReaders a good eBook file format compatibility, although not as much as other competing models, which have superior compatibility. The supported formats in this case are:

  • EPUB
  • PDF
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • TXT

Why have Sony eRedaders stopped being sold?

Sony was focused on other markets before coming to Europe. In addition, some more recent models were not launched for the Spanish market. Furthermore, we now find that Sony has stopped developing these eReaders For the moment, although you still have some products in stock in some stores, in addition to continuing to have official support on the brand's website.

The reason? Although Sony was a pioneer in this segment, the Japanese company did a major restructuring and eliminated some of its divisions that were not so profitable, including Sony Reader. The reason is that the Japanese admitted that Amazon with its Kindle was sweeping sales, and could not continue to compete. The accounts of the users of these eReaders were transferred to Kobe, since the store was still operating in Japan.

Where to buy an alternative to the cheap Sony eBook

Finally, if you want to know where you can find alternatives to Sony eBook at cheap prices, the most outstanding points of sale are:


On the American platform you can find a huge variety of brands and models, with very varied prices, which can be fantastic alternatives to the Sony eReader. In addition, you have Amazon's purchase and return guarantees, as well as secure payments. And not only that, if you have a Prime subscription, you can also count on free and faster shipping.

Media Markt

The German technology chain is also another option to find some alternative models to the Sony eBook. However, it does not have as much variety as Amazon, although it does have the same guarantees and competitive prices. In addition, you can choose between buying online on their website or also go to any of their nearest points of sale.

El Corte Ingles

You also have the double purchase modality in the Spanish chain ECI. That is to say, you can both buy through the web to have it sent to you or go to any of the shopping centers of this chain to buy on-site. However, you also do not have as much variety and prices as competitive as the previous options.


Finally, you also have alternatives to the Sony eReader. Like ECI, you won't find as much variety either, but in this French chain you can also choose between buying online as well as in person if you go to any of its points spread throughout Spain.