Ereader comparison

The famous ereaders or electronic books as many people call them ebooks are devices designed to read. They do not carry games, nor are applications installed like on a tablet. Everything here is thinking of enjoying reading. So if you are a book lover, your ebook reader will surely become your inseparable friend.

If you are thinking of buying an ebook for yourself or to give it as a gift, this comparison and the descriptions and advice that we are going to give you will surely help you make a decision.

Comparison of the best eReaders
Model Size Decision Illuminated Wi-Fi Memory / Expandable Price range
Kindle Paperwhite 6" 300ppp Yes Yes 4Gb / No €129.99
Kobo Aura H2O 6'8 " 300ppp Yes Yes 4Gb / Yes €201
SonyPRS-T3 Size 300ppp No Yes 2Gb / Yes €222
Kindle 4 6" 166ppp No Yes 4GbNo €79.99
Kobo Aura One Size 300ppp Yes Yes 8Gb / Yes €227
Bq Cervantes 3 6" 300ppp Yes Yes 8Gb / yes €139.90
Kindle Travel 6" 300ppp Yes Yes 4Gb / No €189.99
Kindle Oasis 6" 300ppp Yes Yes 4Gb / No €289.99

The best ereaders of 2017

How did I tell you if you are looking for an ereader here you have the best options you will find. These are the best ereaders currently on the market. The first, the best, the reference within the sector and with the best value for money is the Kindle PaperWhite from Amazon

Kindle Paper White

buy the best ereader in the world the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite


The king of eReaders. We can say that today it is the most used. It is a classic 6 ″ touch ereader of 300 dpi with a very great autonomy and with an illuminated screen that will allow us to read at night. The subject of lighting is important, as The Paperwhite achieves uniform, high-quality lighting. It has integrated Wifi, and 4 gigabytes of memory that, although not expandable, are more than enough. In addition, Amazon offers us its unlimited cloud for files purchased in its store.

The Paperwhite has been the successor to the basic kindle and although there are two in principle superior models from Amazon, the Voyage and the Oasis "their price does not justify their purchase." The Kindle Paperwhite has the best value for money on the market of the ereaders considered high-end. Whether it is for personal use or for a gift, it is a model with which we know that we will not fail.

The main drawback that the Kindle faces is that they do not read files in the .epub format, which we say is the market standard, they only read their own format. At the moment of truth it is not a problem because there are programs that we use daily such as Caliber that converts and sends them to the ereader automatically.

If you want to know more you can read the opinions of almost 7.000 people.

Kobo Aura H20

Buy Kobo Aura H20


Considered the great competitor of the Kindle Paperwhite. It has a pantallion of 6,8 ″ larger than the traditional ones. It allows to put a microSD and it reads many more formats than the kindles. But in general, on a technical level, I think they are the same, I don't think one stands out much more than the other. The differences are the brand (Kindle usually has more acceptance) and the platforms on which they are based that in Spain Amazon is much more used than that of Kobo.


Sony PRS-T3 the great Sony reader


Another of the classic high-end readers. The Sony have a reputation for being robust, reliable and durable devices And if you talk to the owner of any of these devices, he is always delighted. The PSR-T3 is also 6 ″ and unlike the previous two readers it has no lighting. Sony seems to have been left out of the latest reader fads by not entering the lighting war.

In addition to an impeccable operation and a very good reading experience, it is the only ereader that uses a pen, a pencil with which we can take notes. Very very helpful

Kindle 4 (Basic)

compare and buy kindle 4 basic


For a long time he was the best. The Kindle 1, 2, 3 and now 4, all called basics. It is a simpler and cheaper reader (€ 79) With a 6 ″ screen, they have made it tactile by removing the physical buttons, but it does not have a built-in light. Its resolution is 166 dpi instead of the 300 dpi of its older brothers. Let's say you play in a lower league. If you are looking for a cheap ereader this is one of your great options.

BQ Cervantes 3

BQ cervantes 3 the ereader of the Spanish company BQ


The flagship of the Spanish company BQ. The BQ Cervantes 3 is a very good device, with several interesting features such as that its software is Open Source, so that the community can modify it, improve it and release new applications. Other

Kobo Aura One

buy Kobo Aura One 6,8 "ereader


The new flagship of the Canadian brand from Rakuten. Ideal if you like large screens. Its 6,8 ″ does not leave anyone indifferent. 8Gb b of expandable storage with microSD. e is also about an enlightened ereader. ANDIt is the ideal device if the traditional 6 ″ ones are too small for you. The Kobo Aura One is going to mark a before and after in ebook readers.

Kindle Travel

Comparison of the Kindle voyage with other ebook readers


If you are a person who likes select products, that all that well taken care of, look at the Kindle Voyage or even the Kindle Oasis. The Voyage is the evolution of the Paperwhite. The display is improved, the uniformity of the illumination. Device weight reduced and touch but pressure sensitive page turning buttons added. The design changes and the details are taken care of much more. It is a device with all the advantages of the software that Amazon offers us and with a very careful design.

Kindle Oasis

Buy Kindle oasis, amazon's most refined ereader


Es the super high-end 6 ″ ereaders. Like its cousins ​​it has a touch screen, illuminated, etc, etc. The novelties in this device is that it is still thinner and lighter than the Voyage, it has an asymmetrical ergonomic design and physical page turn buttons that the truth is that those of us who are used to them miss them a lot when they are not .

Lighting has been improved by adding 60% more LEDs, which greatly improves uniformity.. It has a dual charging system, the device and the case are charged at the same time, so when it is discharged, the case provides power to the ereader and we can be using it for months without charging it again.

If you are looking for more affordable ereaders, look at our article with the cheapest ebook readers, where you will find affordable brands and models with a great value for money.

What to look at when buying an ereader

Guide to buying ereaders

An ebook reader, despite being a technologically advanced product, has fewer features that we must look at than other devices such as smartphones or tablets.


From the screen we look at the size. The standard ereades have it of 6 ″, although there are some of 7 ″, 10 ″, etc but they are exceptions. In addition, we will have to see if it is touch, if it has lighting (we are talking about lighting, light, the screens of an ereader are electronic ink if they talk about Backlighting it is not an ereader or if it is the screen is TFT tablet style and they tire eyes when reading)

Drums. Unlike other devices it is not a determining factor. since e-ink or electronic ink ereaders last from a couple of weeks to several months before having to be recharged. In any case, as in everything, it is always good to look and how much more the better.

Platform and ecosystem

Without a doubt that our eReader belongs to a strong community where they solve our doubts and problems and that it has a great catalog to help you.

If you want more detailed information or ask us any questions, enter our ereader and ebook buying guide


After evaluating all the options on the market Today our recommendation as the best device, that is, the most balanced high-end is the Kindle Paperwhite. It will give you a very, very good user experience as a reader at an appropriate price and with the confidence that comes from having Amazon behind you in case there is a problem. Surely for all this he is THE KING

ereader recommended as the best quality price on the market. the best ebook reader

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Main brands

Maybe you still want to explore the market more and that is there are many brands and many models, too many to address in one place. I'm going to leave you some examples. If we talk about brands and although there are many and many unknown ones, here in Spain we have to take into account the Kindle from Amazon, Kobo, NooK, Tagus de la Casa del Libro, the BQ, Sony, the Papyre de Grammata among others. We should also talk about other ereaders that are "white brands" such as Carrefour's ereades, from Alcampo.

How do you see? There are a wide variety of readers on the market and many factors to take into account. If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will try to help you.