Best eBook quality price

If you're looking for an eBook with the best value for money, so here we will show you some recommended models, in addition to everything you need to know to choose a good eReader that meets your expectations, covers all your needs, and that does not disappoint you in any way, neither in functionality nor in reliability.

What are the eReaders with the best value for money?

Between the Best Selling eBook Readers it's found:

Kindle Paperwhite Essential

The Kindle Paperwhite Essential is an eReader with a good value for money. It has 8-16 GB of internal memory, 6.8-inch e-Ink screen with 300 dpi, front light adjustable in brightness and warmth, with autonomy that can last up to 10 weeks, with USB-C charger, and with protection against IPX8 water.

Kobo Libra 2

Another great model is the Kobo Libra 2. A 7-inch eReader with e-Ink Carta touch screen, anti-glare treatment, adjustable front light in warmth and brightness, ability to play ebooks and audiobooks, water resistant and with an internal memory of 32 GB, which allows you to store about 24000 titles.

eReader brands to watch out for

When choosing a good eReader with the best quality/price ratio, you also have to take into account the most prominent brands to have a greater chance of success:


Kindle is Amazon's model of eReader. It is one one of the best sellers and with the best reputation. In addition to being a technologically advanced device, it is also important to note that you will have the extensive Kindle library with all the titles you can imagine, as well as Audible for models that accept audiobooks.

This device allows buy, download, save, and read books of all kinds, magazines, comics, or digital newspapers. This eReader also has some additional advantages such as the possibility of having all your titles in your library in the Kindle cloud, which will prevent you from losing the purchased titles if your device breaks down. In addition, you can also enjoy the Kindle Unlimited subscription service, to read any title without limits.


Kobo is the eReader brand that Rakuten has acquired. It is a Canadian firm that has proposed to be Kindle's great rival and alternative. It has models with similar characteristics, a wealth of functions, with the latest technology, as well as having the Kobo Store at your disposal to find an infinite number of titles for all tastes and ages.

On the other hand, the devices of this firm are also reputed to have high quality, and with competitive prices. And we must not forget either the wealth of formats that it supports and the customization capacity that these devices support.


PocketBook is also among the best-known and most demanded eReaders by users. They have a fantastic price / quality ratio, in addition to supporting a large number of different formats, having access to libraries through OPDS and Adobe DRM. It has a very easy-to-use system that has an unparalleled wealth of functions.

For example, you will be able to read, write comments and take notes with your finger, bookmark pages, easily export and import notes, ability to read from the PocketBook Cloud, customization settings (font, font size, background colors, margins,...), and even has an app with which to listen audiobooks in MP3 and M4B, as well as a Text-To-Speech function to convert from text to speech. It also includes built-in dictionaries in various languages.

Onyx boox

Another of the best-known brands in this sector is Onyx Box. These devices are developed and produced by Onyx International Inc. of China. They have good value for money and state-of-the-art technology, as well as quite good prices.

Under this firm you can find several models. Boox started using Linux as the operating system, although it currently uses Android in the latest models. Also, the good thing about this brand, unlike others, is that you can find models with very large screen, like the 13″ ones. In fact, these devices are a perfect hybrid between tablet and eReader, using e-Ink on their screens.


Denver is a somewhat lesser-known brand of eReaders, but you can find it on Amazon, Fnac, PCComponentes, Aliexpress, etc., at very low prices. Therefore, if you are looking for something good and without investing too much, the Denver models can provide you with an electronic book reader for less than € 100.

Conclusion very basic models, so you can not expect great wonders. For example, don't expect advanced technologies, rich features, or wireless connectivity like other models. But the truth is that they do their job well.


In stores like Amazon or eBay you can also find another brand with good value for money. It is the eReader MeeBook. One of the things that stands out the most about these eReaders is their design, quite attractive and compact. In addition, it has WiFi, good format support, Android operating system, and powerful hardware for a smooth experience.

La picture quality of these eReaders is also a point in its favor, since the new models also have a pixel density of 300 ppi.


SPC is another of the technology brands that make various gadgets, including eReaders. It is a firm specialized in the development of Smart products for the home and for companies, with more than 30 years of experience in the electronics sector and with extensive experience.

Their e-book devices have a good value for money, and it is perfect if you are looking for something with good technology, but without spending too much money. Of course, you will not find as much variety of models as in other brands.


tagus gaia echo

The book house He also got fully into the ebook business through his store, as well as having his own eReader device called tagus. As you know, with it you can buy and access a large number of books from all categories of this famous book store.

The Tagus is another of the great models due to its technical characteristics and the experience so similar to reading on paper that offers. However, although in the past they had a variety of models, currently that has declined, so you will have a somewhat more limited choice.


The famous American Barnes & Noble store, has also wanted to launch its own eReader models on the market: the Nook. They have a good reputation, given their quality. This company began to sell books, eBooks, toys, magazines, video games, music, movies, etc. through its store and website.

This eReader is based on Android platform, it is very rich in functions and has a good quality and technology. Plus, you get access to Barnes & Noble's own eBook store, thus competing with Amazon's Kindle. However, it should be noted that these products are somewhat expensive in some cases.


xiaomi mireader

El tech giant Xiaomi has expanded its claws beyond mobile devices, coming to develop and produce all kinds of products, from computers, through mobile devices, to household appliances, etc. And, of course, it also has its eReader models.

This firm is characterized by its high quality, advanced technology, design, and low prices. And this is what characterizes their eReaders. However, it must be said that the models launched by the brand are especially designed for the Chinese market for the moment.


ereader bq features

The Spanish brand bq became a benchmark in the national technology with a multitude of electronic devices, including some well-known eReader models such as the Cervantes. They made great alliances at the international level, and bet heavily on innovation through rebranding techniques for Chinese devices. However, this signature disappeared.

It was acquired by VinGroup and would eventually go out of business. Therefore, if you are looking for a bq eReader, the best thing to do is opt for alternatives to this.


ereader sony prs-t3

Sony It is also another of the brands that entered the field of eReaders. The Japanese company developed several models of electronic book readers with its Sony PRS and PRS-T series. And, although they continue to maintain official support, these models have already stopped being produced, although you can still find some in stock on the market.

The Japanese firm also closed its e-book store, so I do not recommend you that you buy models of this brand even if you find them available on sites like Amazon, since you will have serious limitations.

How to choose the best quality-price eBook

kobo ereader features

To choose a good eReader value for moneyYou should keep the following points in mind:

Screen (type, size, resolution, color…)

La eReader screen is the most important part when choosing your perfect device. You should take into account several considerations on this aspect:

Type of screen

You can find lower-end models that use a LED LCD screen and other models that use the famous e-Ink. As you already know, the LCD screen experience is similar to reading on a tablet, so you won't have the great benefits of e-Ink. While e-ink not only makes your eyes less tiring, it also allows you to enjoy an experience similar to reading on real paper, without glare or discomfort. And, on top of that, these electronic ink displays also consume less, so the battery will last longer.

So, the best choice between the two panels is undoubtedly the e-Ink in any case (the only positive thing about LCD screens is that they have a higher refresh rate). However, you should differentiate the types of e-Ink screen existing ones to know what they are talking about in the descriptions of the products you see:

  • vizplex: Introduced in 2007 was the first generation of e-Ink displays.
  • Pearl: It was introduced in 2010 by Amazon for its Kindle, and would also be used later by Kobo, Onyx, and Pocketbook.
  • Mobius: This e-ink screen has a layer of flexible plastic to better resist impacts. It was used among others by Onyx.
  • Triton: There is a first version from 2010 and a second one from 2013. It is a type of color electronic ink screen, with 16 shades of gray and 4096 colors. It was used, for example, in the Pocketbook.
  • Menu: There are also two versions, the 2013 Carta and the somewhat more modern Carta HD. When you see e-Ink Carta it means that it has a resolution of 768×1024 px, 6″ in size and a pixel density of 212 ppi. As for the HD version, it goes up to 1080×1440 px resolution and 300 ppi, keeping the 6 inches. This format is very popular, used by the best models of eReaders.
  • Kaleido: First appeared in 2019, with a generation of color displays based on grayscale panels to which a color filter layer was added. Later, in 2021, the Plus version would arrive, with an improvement in color and texture, to make them sharper. And in 2022 Kaleido 3 arrived, offering much richer colors, with 30% higher color saturation than the previous generation, 16 levels of grayscale and 4096 colors.
  • Gallery 3: It is the most recent to arrive, landing in 2023. It is the latest technology of e-Ink color screens. It improves the black and white change time to 350 ms, and the color in up to 500 ms, although in the best color it achieves 1500 ms. Plus, they come with ComfortGaze front lighting that reduces the amount of blue light reflected off the surface of the screen so you fall asleep better and don't punish your eyes as much. It must be said that Gallery electronic ink is based on ACeP (Advanced Color ePaper) to achieve more complete colors and with a single layer of electrophoretic fluid controlled by voltages compatible with commercial TFT backplanes.

touch vs regular

sony ereader with gestures

Of course, the most primitive models used botones to interactuate. Instead, the most modern use simply touchscreens. However, some may also include some buttons in addition to the touch screen to turn the page. In principle, the touch screen can be richer than the buttons and easy for most users, as well as allowing in some cases the use of pencils to write or enter notes.


On the other hand, size is also very important, since factors such as mobility and reading comfort will depend on it. You can find eReaders that can go from 6″ to 13″. Evidently an e-book reader with small 6-8″ screens They can be the best option for children, due to their lighter weight, in addition to taking them on a trip where you need them without taking up too much space.

Instead, eReaders from large screens They also have advantages, such as allowing you to see the pages of the book or comics in a larger size, and even zooming higher for people with vision problems. Of course, being larger they will also have two added drawbacks, on the one hand they are bulky and heavier, and on the other they will consume more battery, which ultimately reduces mobility.

Resolution / dpi

The bigger the screen, the more important it becomes resolution and pixel density. You should always look for models that have the highest possible resolution. And, especially, that depending on the proportion of your screen, they maintain a good pixel density, since the quality of the image and text you see on the screen will largely depend on it. In general, I would recommend only eReaders that are at least 300 ppi.


Finally, as we have commented in the screen type section, there are black and white screens, which can be perfect for reading literary works or newspapers, etc. However, they have also come color screens, which will allow you to see more content in full color, such as images containing the books you read, comic strips, etc. Therefore, the richest thing is that you opt for a color one if you are not only going to use it for text, since grayscale images lose a lot. Of course, keep in mind that color screens have an added disadvantage, and that is that they consume a little more battery than black and white screens.

audiobook compatibility

kindle review

Another very important consideration is to know if you are going to use the eReader only to read or also need it for listen to audiobooks or audiobooks. And it is that many current models of eReaders have incorporated this capacity, so that you can enjoy your favorite stories narrated by voices. That way, you won't have to read or be aware of the screen or the controls, being able to enjoy the literature when you're in the car, while cooking, or when doing any other activity.

Processor and RAM

It is also important to take a look at the hardware, especially the processor and RAM. The fluency of your eReader will largely depend on them. However, it is true that if it is not an Android eReader, you should not worry so much about this, since some reading software that these devices have are very light and do not overload these units too much. However, when it comes to an eReader that supports apps, the ideal is to go for a powerful chip with at least 4 ARM cores and a considerable amount of RAM, such as 2 GB. That way you will not experience fluidity problems in the menus, when opening the apps, etc.

Operating System

As I mentioned in the previous section, in some eReaders we have proprietary software or lightweight systems that simply fulfill the basic functions that one of these devices should have. This can limit the use of the eReader a bit, but you gain fluency. On the other hand, you also have Android eReaders within your reach, which have a complete operating system with which you can also enjoy other apps, from instant messaging, to cloud service clients, players of different formats, etc. That can be positive, but it is also true that if you do not have powerful hardware it could also cause those fluidity problems that we talked about.


Although you have not included it as part of the hardware, you must also keep in mind the internal storage that your eReader has. some may have from 8 GB to 32 GB, and even more in some cases. That will allow you to store between 6000 and 24000 book titles to have a whole great library in your pocket.

On the other hand, it is important to know that if you have little internal space and you are one of those who accumulate a huge amount of content, or if you are going to use it for audiobooks (they take up more memory space), you should also keep in mind if it supports expanding said internal memory via microSD memory cards.

Connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth)

The current eReader models have in many cases two types of wireless connectivity:

  • WiFi: They allow your eReader to be connected to the Internet in order to have more functionalities and directly download your books from online book stores. In this way you save having to depend on cables to pass the books you want to read.
  • Bluetooth: It is very practical when listening to audiobooks, since you can connect your headphones or wireless speakers with your eReader to listen to these stories while you do other things, and without having to be "tethered" to your eReader by means of a cable with a Jack connector . BT usually has a coverage of about 10 meters, so it allows you great freedom of movement without losing the connection.

It must be said that there are some models with LTE connectivity, that is, to add a SIM card with a data rate and be able to enjoy the Internet wherever you are thanks to 4G or 5G.


kindle paper white

eReaders include Li-Ion batteries like other mobile devices. These batteries can have very different capacities, depending on the model. The capacity is measured in mAh, that is, milli-ampere hours. The higher the value, the more autonomy the battery will have on a single charge. Also, keep in mind that if you combine a high-capacity battery with efficient e-Ink displays, you could forget about charging your eReader for weeks or months.

I also would not like to forget the type of charge of these batteries. In many cases they already come with USB-C connector, but not all models support fast charging. In case of supporting fast charging, the battery will be 100% much faster, so you don't lose time for your reading if the battery has run out.

Finish, weight and size

Finally, design is not only important on an aesthetic level, but also ergonomic level, to make it easier for you to read and the way to hold your eReader comfortably. In addition, you also have to consider the weight of the device and its size, since it should be as compact as possible and lightweight, so you can take it from one place to another without a problem and hold it for hours of reading without getting tired.

And, of course, also consider the finishes and materials, which should be of quality.

User interface

Most of today's eReaders use touch screens and/or buttons easy to use. Therefore, using these devices will not be a major problem, even for the elderly or children who do not have as much knowledge of new technologies. However, be careful with some cases where they can become somewhat more complex and hinder usability.

Also keep in mind that touch screens are very comfortable, but they do have buttons to turn the pages can be a great advantage. And it is that it will allow you to turn the page with only one hand if you have the other busy.


kobo pound

On the other hand, while some eReaders are intended for load books from various sources, some only allow you to download books from a single library. You have to see if said library is enough to satisfy your reading needs or not. For example, at Kobo we have the Kobo Store that has thousands and thousands of titles, so you can find them in all categories, literary genres, and for all ages. While Kindle, it has Amazon's Kindle store, which is probably the richest in number of books, so it could be an advantage over its rivals. So keep this in mind.

With audiobooks, you also have to think about finding a compatible eReader with the best source of titles. For example, both Kobo and Kindle have quite a bit of this kind of content on stores like Audible.

writing capacity

kindle scribe

As you know, some models of eReaders that have a touch screen also allow the use of electronic pens like the Kobo Stylus, or the Kindle Scribe, with which you can not only enjoy your favorite books, you can also write or add notes on the pages, so they can be even more similar to a paper book.

Lighting design

kindle with light

eReaders not only have the backlight of the screen itself, which can be adjusted in many cases. Also have additional light sources, as can be the front LEDs that will also allow you to choose the level of illumination of the screen so that you can read properly in any lighting scenario, from the darkness of the interiors to spaces with high light intensity such as outdoors.


Some eReaders also come protected and certified with IPX8, which is a type of protection that protects them against water. In other words, these are waterproof models that you can use while you relax in the bathtub or while you enjoy the pool.

When we talk about IPX8 degree protection, it not only protects against splashes, it also protects against immersion complete. That is, you will be able to submerge your eReader under water without water seeping in and causing a failure in the device. So they are totally waterproof.


Last but not least is to ask yourself How much money do you have budget to invest in your eReader. In this way, you can filter and keep only those models that are within the price range you are looking for, making it easier for you to choose. As you know, you have a wide range of prices, from the cheapest that can cost a little less than €100 to the most expensive that can reach €300 or more. So you will always find a model that fits your possibilities.

Tablet vs eReader, which is better for me?

To know who wins in the Tablet vs eReader battle, you first have to know the advantages and disadvantages of each, and then evaluate which one best suits your needs:

eReader: advantages and disadvantages

large e-reader

Between the advantages we have:

    • Light weight and compact size: eReaders tend to be more compact in weight and size than most tablets, making them easier to take with you wherever you go.
    • Greater autonomy: they can reach weeks without charging.
    • e-ink screen: for less eye fatigue, and experience similar to reading on paper.
    • Waterproof: many are waterproof, so you can enjoy them in your bathtub, beach or pool.
    • Price: They are usually cheaper than a tablet.

On the other hand, it also has disadvantages in front of the tablet:

  • Limited features: while tablets support a large number of apps of all kinds, in the case of eReaders it is more limited, so they usually do not allow you to communicate, play multimedia, play games, etc.
  • black and white screen: In some cases the screen has no color.

Tablet: advantages and disadvantages

Apple Pencil

As for the the advantages tablet vs. eReader:

  • Rich functions: They are really a laptop, so you can do everything from playing video games, writing documents, playing music and video, browsing the Internet, managing your email, communicating, etc., as well as using ebook apps such as Amazon Kindle, among others, to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks with Audible or similar.

Furthermore, the disadvantages include:

  • Price: They tend to be more expensive than eReaders.
  • Autonomy: its autonomy is more limited, lasting in many cases only 24 hours or less.
  • Screen: Not being e-Ink, these tablets don't have as paper-like an experience and cause more eye strain.

In short, if you read a lot, it is best to have an eReader. If you read little, it's better to have only one tablet for everything.

Advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional books

It tienes doubts between buying a printed book or an eBook, you also have this table that can help you with the choice:

Criteria E-books printed books
Portability It does not weigh or take up space, just the eReader. It weighs and occupies a volume.
Storage It doesn't need space in your home. You need furniture or shelves.
Features Allows adjustments of font, background, etc. It cannot be modified.
Cost Less expensive being digital. More expensive when printed on paper.
Connectivity Required if you don't download it. Not required.
Wealth You can have links, images, etc. Just text and image.
Visual fatigue More stress, especially if it's not e-Ink. less tension
Initial cost More expensive. Less expensive.
Energy Required for eReader operation No power source is necessary.
Available Easily available at any time Not so easily available at any time

Where to buy ebooks with the best value for money

Finally, we must also highlight the stores where you can find the best value eReaders:


The American online sales platform is one of the best places to find the vast majority of eReader brands and models at a good price. In addition, you have the confidence of returning or solving problems on this platform, secure payments, and all the guarantees.

Media Markt

Mediamarkt is a chain of sale of technological products of German origin that also has a multitude of points of sale in Spain where you can go to buy your eReader at a good price, although you also have the option of buying online to have it sent to your home through its official website.

El Corte Ingles

The Spanish El Corte Inglés also has that duality of having both the possibility of going to any of the points of sale to buy the eReader in the technology section or buying the product through the official website so you don't have to travel.


Of course, as an alternative to ECI, you also have the French chain Carrefour. Again we have to choose between going to any of the shopping centers that you will find in many cities, or using its online store to purchase your future electronic book reader.