eReader with light

Air shipments are the most efficient if you need your cargo or documents to arrive quickly and securely. eReader models with light They can offer you many benefits. For example, they will allow you to read in the dark, without having to turn on the light, or they will also allow you to adjust the brightness and warmth of the light to create the most pleasant lighting for each situation. Therefore, you should know these models and recommendations:

The best eReader models with light

Among the best lighted eBook readers, we we recommend the following models:

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

One of the best in terms of value for money is this Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. It is an eReader with self-regulating light (in intensity and warmth), 300 dpi e-Ink screen, 32 GB of internal storage, USB-C, battery with up to 10 weeks of autonomy, and Qi wireless charging.

Kobo Libra 2

Next on the list of eReaders with light that we recommend is the Kobo Elipsa Pack. It is a device that is ideal for reading wherever you want, underwater or in the dark. Its screen is 7 inches e-Ink Carta 1200 type with high resolution. It also has ConfortLight for brightness and anti-glare adjustment, 32 GB of internal memory, great autonomy, etc.

PocketBook InkPad Color

PocketBook InkPad Color is one of the few eReaders with light that has an e-Ink Kaleydo color screen. In this way you can enjoy the richest content. Of course, it has 16 GB of internal memory, a 7.8-inch screen, support for audiobooks, and WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity technologies.

Kindle Scribe

We also have the Kindle Scribe, an eReader with a front light that allows adjustment (in warmth and brightness) to offer the same naturalness as reading on paper thanks to its 10.2″ e-Ink screen and 300 dpi. It also includes a pencil to write as well, it is rich in features, it has USB-C, it has up to 32 GB of internal storage, and a great autonomy to last for weeks.

Kobo Libra 2

On the other hand, we also recommend another great alternative to the Kindle, like this Kobo Libra 2. This device with a 1200-inch e-Ink Carta 7 screen also includes an adjustable brightness front light and ComfortLight PRO to limit visual fatigue and help you sleep by reducing harmful blue light. In addition, it also has capacity for audiobooks, 32 GB of memory, is waterproof (IPX8), has WiFi, and Bluetooth.

Kindle Oasis

Finally, there is also the Kindle Oasis, a 7-inch model with a 300 dpi resolution. With adjustable front light in warmth and brightness to give a whiter or amber tone, as you want. In addition, it includes a large internal memory for thousands of books, it is ergonomic, light and compact, it is waterproof (IPX8), and it has WiFi.

Types of lighting for eReaders

color ereader lighting

Within types of eReader with light we can find variety. You should know which are the highlights to be able to choose better:


Refers to an illumination or light source placed behind the display panel. When they include backlight it is possible that they are talking about an LCD screen, and not an e-Ink. In the case of eReaders, you should avoid screens that are not electronic ink, since they do not offer a good visual experience, in addition to more fatigue and discomfort.

Front light

La front light It is the one that most eReaders with an electronic ink screen have. This light is created from the front of the screen panel, as its name suggests. This will allow you to be able to read in all ambient light conditions, even in complete darkness, without the need for an additional light.

adjustable light

It is important that within the devices that have a front light or backlight, this is adjustable, since they will allow you to adjust the brightness or light intensity to adapt to each moment. In addition, some also include the possibility of intelligent self-regulation so that you do not have to do it manually.

Warm light, or warm light

Some illuminated eReader models also allow you to adjust the warmth of the front light. Or do they have what is known as warm light or warm light. This allows for a more amber screen color to be generated, reducing harmful blue light to the maximum, which is perfect for reading at night or to avoid eye fatigue and insomnia problems caused by this blue light.

How to choose an eReader model with light

kindle with light

When choose a good eReader model with light, you should take into account the following:


One of the fundamental aspects when choosing an eReader with light is the screen, since she is the interface between you and the device:

  • Panel type: It is important to choose an eReader with light that has an e-Ink screen, also called e-paper or electronic ink. And it is that these panels are not only more energy efficient, they also offer an experience similar to reading on paper, which will reduce eye fatigue and discomfort compared to conventional screens. In addition, these panels can be tactile, so they will offer as easy management as other mobile devices.
  • Decision: It is important that the e-Ink has a good resolution, which will give you better sharpness and image quality. For this reason, I recommend that you always choose models that provide 300 ppi pixel density, whatever the screen size.
  • Size: on the other hand, this is a matter of taste, since some people prefer them more compact 6-8″, while others want higher panels of 10-12″. Each one has its pros and cons, for example, the small ones force you to read or view content in a smaller space, but they have better mobility as they are more compact and lightweight, in addition to consuming less. The large ones can be perfect for those who have vision problems or want more viewing area, although this directly affects mobility. Perhaps a size in between may offer the best compromise between the two.
  • Color vs. B/W: There are e-Ink screens in black and white, or in gray scale. These are the most typical, however, there are also color ones. These can consume a little more, but they give you the possibility to see the content in full color, with a greater richness of nuances.


Autonomy is another important aspect when choosing an eReader with light. Even more so if you are going to have the light active for a long time and at maximum intensity, since that will cause the battery to run out more quickly. Therefore, you should look for models that last as long as possible, such as those with up to 4 weeks of autonomy and even more.

Other aspects to consider

kobo pound

Of course, we must not forget what we have mentioned so many times in other guides, and they are those other technical aspects The ones you should also pay attention to when choosing the right eReader model with light:

  • Audiobook and Bluetooth compatibility: If you also want to be able to enjoy narrated stories, then you should look for eReaders that support audiobooks. That will allow you to enjoy the content while you drive, clean, cook, work, exercise, or just relax, without the need to read. Also ideal for people with vision problems or for children who still can't read their own stories or fables. Also, if it has audiobook capability, look for it to also have Bluetooth, so you can pair the eReader with wireless speakers or headphones.
  • Processor and RAM: you have to identify if it is a model with sufficient performance and fluidity. Generally this is not a problem, since they are quite optimized. But it could be the case of some strange brand or low quality model that has a poor performance processor and very little RAM. You should always choose models with at least 4 processing cores and 2 GB of RAM or more.
  • Operating System: The operating system is not that important, most light eReader models work fine with either an embedded Linux or Android. However, those for Android offer greater versatility by being able to install other apps.
  • Storage: the number of titles you can store in memory will depend on it. You can find them from 8 GB to 128 GB in some cases, which will allow you to save up to thousands of titles to read offline. Some even have the ability to upload to the cloud if the internal memory fills up or to expand it by using microSD memory cards.
  • WiFi connectivity: Of course, a modern eReader wouldn't be modern without WiFi connectivity to stay connected to the Internet to buy and download your favorite books, as well as perform other actions, such as syncing with the cloud, etc.
  • Integrated: it is important that it be ergonomic, and that it be as compact and light as possible. In this way, you can hold it for hours without discomfort or fatigue, in addition to being able to take it from one place to another easily.
  • Library and formats: the richness of content that the eReader with light can reproduce depends on it. Always look for eReaders with the largest possible book libraries, such as the Amazon Kindle and Kobo Store, with more than 1.5 and 0.7 million books respectively. Also, the more file formats it accepts, the better for adding other books from other sources.
  • writing capacity: Some eReaders also have the ability to use a stylus to write or draw on the screen, which is versatile for marking up, annotating your documents, and more.
  • Waterproof: Some models support IPX7, which gives them some ability to be submerged briefly and shallowly under water without damage. While others have IPX8 protection, which allows the eReader to be submerged deeper and longer without suffering damage. These certifications will allow you to use your eReader while you bathe, in the pool, etc., without fear of damaging it.


Finally, eReaders with light can have very varied prices, from some that cost a little more than 100 euros up to others that can exceed €400, depending on the specifications of each one.

Best brands of eReaders with light

Between The best brands of eReaders with light, the following stand out:


Kindle is the model of Amazon eReaders. It is among the best sellers, and with the best reputation. This device has everything you'd expect from a good e-book reader, along with the great Kindle library and Kindle Unlimited service.

This brand also has a good value for money, with devices designed by Amazon itself and made in Taiwan.


Kobo was acquired by the Japanese Rakuten. However, this brand is still headquartered in Canada. From there they design these devices that are the best alternative to the Kindle, and also one of the best sellers of all due to their similarities.

Of course, Kobo designs its devices in Canada, and then they are manufactured by major factories in Taiwan, so they also have reliability, durability and quality.


PocketBook is also among the best known eReaders and requested by users. These devices stand out mainly for their versatility and richness in functions, since they are usually larger than other competitors.

Of course, this brand designs its devices from Lugano, Switzerland. However, initially the headquarters was founded in kyiv, Ukraine. And, like the previous ones, it is manufactured in factories as prestigious as the Taiwanese Foxconn, Wisky or Yitoa.

Advantages of the eReader with light

large ereader with light

The advantages of an eReader with light are quite clear, and we can highlight:

  • They allow reading even in complete darkness thanks to the integrated light.
  • They adapt to any light condition, be it low or high ambient lighting, making them perfect for reading outdoors and indoors.
  • Adjustment allows you to enhance the experience to create the ideal lighting for each moment.

Disadvantages of the eReader with light

Of course, like everything, too has its drawbacks:

  • By having the light active, they tend to consume more energy, so the battery could last a little less.
  • Some will need manual adjustment.
  • If they do not have technologies to reduce blue light or modify the warmth of the tone, they could cause discomfort if you read for long periods of time.

Where to buy eReaders with light

Lastly, at the time of buy an eReader with light at a good price, we must highlight the following points of sale:


On this platform of American origin you can buy safely, with all the guarantees of purchase and return. In addition, you will find offers and many models to choose from. Of course, if you are a Prime customer you will also get exclusive benefits.

Media Markt

In the German technology store chain, you can also find some eReader models with light. They have good prices, but perhaps there is not as much variety as Amazon. However, one advantage is that you can buy both in person and from their website in online mode.

El Corte Ingles

ECI is another of the large Spanish retail chains where you can also find technology items, such as the most famous eReaders with light. It does not stand out for having the lowest prices, although it is a trusted place and it also allows you to buy both from the web so that it can be sent to your home or go to any nearby sales center.


Similar to ECI, this chain of French origin also offers both modes of purchase, online and in person if you go to any of its points of sale throughout the Spanish geography. It's also a safe place to shop, and you'll find some light-up eReaders in their tech section.


Of course, PCComponentes from Murcia is also another great online showcase for buying technology at a good price, and with good service. There you can find a wide variety of brands and models of eReaders with light to always find the right one.